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Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's About Female Breasts, Freedom and Equality

As many people may be aware, I have two blogs, Roland's Ramblings and Roland Hansen Commentary. Very occasionally, I will duplicate an entry on each of them. There are times when I will make an entry on one of my blogs and link to a related topic on the other blog. There are also times that I will make an entry and link to an earlier entry or entries of the same blog. My wife, Judy, also has two blogs, Judy's Jewels and Judy Hansen Commentary. At times, in one or both of my blogs, I may link to entries on one or the other or both of Judy's blogs. And, then there are times that I may make a combination of linkages within and between my blogs and Judy's blogs.

The lack of feedback on either of my blogs is not really unusual, regardless of my methodolgy or my topic. I wonder what the feedback of today's entry will be in which I am employing some of my techniques as described in the preceding opening paragraph.

Sometime ago, I wrote a Roland Hansen Commentary that did not garner much response. The subject concerned women breastfeeding in public. That entry contained several embedded links; for example, one led to an entry of Judy's Jewels, while others linked to the controversy concerning the public display of women breasts, breastfeeding in public, breastfeeding laws, breastfeeding images, and breastfeeding videos. Well, go ahead and read that entry and all its embedded links; just click onto the Roland Hansen Commentary of Public Breastfeeding.

Then, there was an entry I made on Roland's Ramblings that is only very tangentially related to the topic of women's breasts. Well, actually, that blog entry was about padded brassieres or more precisely travel safety and protection for a padded bra. You can take a look-see for yourself and click over to read Roland's Ramblings about Bra Brags.

Now, how do we tie these two topics together? Hmmmm. Let's see. Let's take a real good look. Here goes:

In the United States of America, societal mores and social norms assert that men may go without shirts and women may not go without shirts or some kind of cover up on their breasts. Men are told to look at a woman's face when speaking to her and not look at the woman's chest. And yet, fashions popular with American women include low-cut blouses and dresses along with push-em-up, push-em-together bras that expose and accentuate a woman's cleavage.

Often, I hear and read that women should not be viewed as sex objects and that women want to be treated for themselves as individuals and as equals to men; there is no argument from me on that. However, I am often confused by the mixed signals being sent out. Don't look at a woman's breasts; but, a woman will draw attention to her breasts by wearing a padded bra, showing lots of cleavage, etc.

Well, let's shed some light and shed some clothing on the topic. Let's expose the truth, the naked truth.

Bare human female breasts are not sex objects, in and of themselves; but, bare naked exposed breasts may be sexually stimulating in less than an openly public setting, such as exists during intimate moments and at other times that are related directly to a sexual situation.

American society needs to get rid of its double-standard on bare breasts. Not too many Americans realize that this double-standard is one of attitude, one of social acceptance, as opposed to it being a legal issue, i.e, one of law.

If a man can go topless, a woman should be able to go topless. If it is acceptable for men to be bare chested in public, then it should be acceptable for women to be bare chested in public. If mainstream Americans would rid themselves of their "hang-ups" and Victorian prudish attitudes and behaviors such as those that have given rise to neo-prudism, if Americans would accept the fact that the human body is something not to be ashamed of and that nudity is a natural state, if Americans would stop hiding behind the cloak of modesty (and that is while adult sexually-oriented magazines, films and bookstores are a strong thriving business in America), if Americans would act and behave as civilized human beings, there would be absolutely no problem with women baring breasts in public as is the case in many other countries throughout the world. The women of America deserve the same freedom as men; the women of America are entitled to equal rights on the issue bare chests and bare breasts in public as well as equal rights on every other societal issue.

If this is a topic that is of interest to you, I suggest you head over and explore the very interesting website of Topfree Equal Rights Association (TERA). There is a plethora of embedded links over there that will take you to lots of other informative web pages.

You might also wish to visit YouTube to view and listen to nakedcity.MOV, topless women in nyc is legal.

Comments, anyone?

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