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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck. God Save Us.

I ain't sayin' nuttin.
Someone else is; or rather, some one else is writing about Glenn Beck to the point of connecting the name of Glenn Beck to the descriptive noun of neo-Nazi.

Go read the Outrage blog entry God Save Us with its embedded link on Glenn Beck.

Now, I ask you: Do you have any comments to make?


Maggie Thurber said...

well, let's being called a neo-nazi better or worse than being called the anti-christ?

Roland Hansen said...


I went to the URL you posted.

My reaction:

CWMartin said...

I looked at Maggie's ref as well. That was by and large moronic. (No offense to you, Maggie.) Fatal wound = macular degen? Please. And it ain't the "Holy Spirit" that's going to fill the Antichrist. But it does serve to remind us that there's always a way to figure someone you don't follow is the AC. After all, Hitler, Napoleon, JFK, and Al Haig have all been AC candidates at one point or another.

Tim Higgins said...


There is always a danger when any entertainer takes on religious overtones. The issue can further be complicated when discussions occur relating to politics.

That being said, it seems that Mr Beck is far less dangerous than those who seek to silence him apparently because they disagree with him. Down that road leads tyranny.