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Monday, August 16, 2010

Costco and Bahar BBQ Catering

It appears to me that Bahar BBQ Company has endorsed Costco chicken. What an endorsement of Costco and its famous Costco Rotisserie Chicken!

Bahar BBQ Catering proudly proclaims on its website that it "caters for corporate and social events, weddings and any other special and celebratory events in life."

Amongst other things, including its menu along with some very appetizing, mouth-watering, pretty pictures of prepared food items, he website also states:
"Welcome to the home of great-tasting BBQ!

BBQ catering service in Toronto and surrounding area is our speciality and we are proud of serving fabulous food; we are an institution that’s been pleasing the discerning palates of our customers in Europe and North America for over 30 years.
We use only the freshest, top quality ingredients and slow cook all meats to lock in the delicious flavor that’s associated with our name...."
Wonder of wonders, you say! I bet you wonder why I postulate that Bahar BBQ Catering has endorsed Costco and its famous Costco Chicken.

Well, dear readers, to understand that premise, you need to read:
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Gee, I wonder how many other catering firms and individual Costco customers have made an endorsement of Costco chicken.

At the very least, it does seem as though Bahar BBQ Catering has partnered with Costco in its (Bahar BBQ) catering business venture.

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Judy said...

WOW, we not only tag teamed Behar, we are a triple hitter, and well deserved I might say!!! Hey, Behar, Big Brother is watching and taking notes, just sayin...!