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Monday, August 9, 2010

Car Deal Shams

I am so angered by the alleged car deals being foisted on the American public! Most of these so-called car deals are nothing but shams.

I really got peeved by the advertising campaign I first noticed a few months ago of the Yark Automotive Group in Toledo, Ohio when they claimed they would pay off the car a person used as a trade-in for a new car.

Bullfeathers! as Teddy Roosevelt would say.

Yark Automotive Group does not pay off the trade-in car. That is a bald-faced lie! Well, they do pay it off in a way, but they do so with money the customer borrowed from a new lender to give to Yark for the new car purchase. You see, the car dealer sets the customer up with a lending company who in turn rolls the balance of the trade-in car, i.e. the payoff, over into a loan the customer takes out for the new car. The balance of the old car loan is paid to the former lender by the car dealer who gets the money from the new lender who in turn adds that amount to the new car loan that the customer takes out - AND now you may even be paying more interest than you had been paying before on the previous loan.

I do not know how Yark Automotive Group and others just like them can get away with what I consider to be false or misleading advertising. Where are the consumer advocacy groups and government watchdogs on this one? Shame on all of them for letting the auto dealers bait and trick and financially gouge the American buying public. And shame on the auto dealers for being less than honest. Is it no wonder that the stereotype of the car salesperson is that of a sleaze-ball?

Then, there are the other shams in the auto sales industry. Take for example all these good offers that you can read about in the Yahoo online article Best Car Deals: August 2010.

Well, I consider them shams, even if you do not. Why? You may ask me that question or not. Makes no difference to me. I am going to tell you regardless of whether you ask.

Think of the phrase: "Show me the money." Now, stop and think a minute about cash on the barrelhead when purchasing a new automobile and these car deals in that article to which I linked. Where is the deal for the person who does not plan to finance the purchase of the car. It seems to me as though all those deals, in one way or another, are geared toward the customer who goes into debt. With the gimmicks used by the automobile sales industry and others, such as the real estate industry and credit card companies, is it no wonder that America is in such terrible financial difficulties?

Car dealers, I say to you:
Give me a real, true, honest to goodness deal. Better yet, just lower the damn inflated car prices to something that is realistic for the buying public and that will still provide a fair profit to the car sales industry. Oh, yeah, the same goes for trucks and motorcycles.


Tim Higgins said...


Perhaps what you list is just another reason why the term "car salesman" is used as denigration.

Gerardo said...
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Roland Hansen said...

You are absolutely right.

The KEY WORD is PROPER. Very little advertising is open and honest. Most advertising preys on the weaknesses of people. The folks using sleaze-ball advertising could care less whether the customer goes into financial ruin or bankruptcy that may even result in the breakups of families.
The link that you provided was interesting, but very obnoxious as all hell. Gravitational marketing is a great catch phrase and the concept is alluring. However, the presentation is such a turn-off; and, it actually seems to make my original point about sleazy car sales gimmicks! I would recommend everyone stay away from hucksters such as Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller.