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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael v. Michael OR All About Mikes in Toledo, Ohio

The field of candidates for Mayor of the City of Toledo, Ohio continues to grow. Some one seems to have yelled fire into the mike and the bell has been sounded with a result of the policeman running to the rescue. Take out the handcuffs for the collar. Perhaps, I should replace the word 'collar' with 'collins.' Golly gee, I hope you noticed all of the words in the embedded link; it seemed somewhat ironic to me.

With former Toledo policeman D. Michael Collins and former Toledo fireman Michael Bell both in the running as Independents for Mayor of Toledo, an interesting spin has been set in motion.

I really believe that Hooda Thunkit's (Dave Zawodny's) Blog: Toledo Councilman Collins considers run for mayor (June 27, 2009) is a worthwhile read and a message thread worthy of following closely. I encourage people to add comments to the message thread of that blog entry. Consider it to be like a mike night at the coffee house.

As far as my opinion is concerned, I really think Hooda Thunkit, a..k.a. Dave Zawodny, has this one pegged!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Evaluating Charter Schools

The topic of charter schools oftentimes brings about passionate discourse. Apparently some people have some very strong opinions on charter schools as they do on traditional public schools. Are charter schools doing a good job or a bad job of educating children? The same question may be asked of traditional public schools.

Frankly, I think the question is way too general. All schools cannot be lumped into a single category. There are way too many school systems. Furthermore, to answer such a question honestly and objectively requires a person to examine each school individually and to consider the resources available to the school.

Many methods and processes have been developed in evaluating both traditional public schools and charter schools. More often than not, we hear about evaluating the traditional public schools and we hear a lot of personal opinions on the performance of the traditional public school system. But what do we hear about evaluating charter schools?

Back on May 13, 2009, I wrote the Roland Hansen Commentary Glass City Academy: Charter School Uproar in Toledo, Ohio to which there were some responding comments, not all of which were kind and some of which took strong exception. I suggest you review that Roland Hansen Commentary and its comments before continuing on here to read more comments some one else wrote about it elsewhere.

Okay, now that you have hopefully done that, I will continue. I not only write this blog in addition to my other blog, Roland's Ramblings, but I also write and/or comment on other blogs and internet social networks. It is not uncommon for me to include links within my internet commentary input. Such is the case with the above referenced Roland Hansen Commentary regarding the charter community school, Glass City Academy.

On one of the social networks to which I placed that link, there was an interesting exchange between another person and me just a few days ago, actually it was on June 23, 2009, that I have copied and pasted below. (I am omitting the identity of the other person in that the social network is one in which identities are shared only amongst those who approve one another in the network.) Here is the exchange:
*** (link posting to Glass City Academy: Charter School Uproar in Toledo, Ohio.

Respondent: Interesting. I read all of it, including the comments and I only have one question.
I had heard that Obama and company were against any kind of charter schools, because it would take kids out of their indoctrination centers. Even our own governor was heard to say that he wanted to close them all.
In light of your party's opposition to charter schools of any kind, don't you think that this discussion is rather moot?
PS. I am FOR charter schools of ANY kind. They are the only salvation for this country. Schools must be made to compete with each other. Schools that get money from the government, can be controlled by the government. This is dangerous in my eyes.

Roland Hansen: I do not understand your question concerning "(my) party's opposition to charter schools of any kind." You must know something about MY party that I do not know.
Regardless of that aspect, it appears you assume that each and every person who identifies with a specific political party also supports every single plank of that political party platform. That is a gross over exaggeration of a stereotypical generalization.
Having been intrinsically actively involved in electoral politics and having been a college instructor of Political Science, I can say without hesitation that your assumption is totally erroneous.

Respondent: I guess. But, I have major problems with our public schools, and what I see this government (both state and federal) leaning toward, is making sure that the public schools are our ONLY choice. I will home school if I have to. And if they take that away from me, I will send them to the public schools, and then when they get home, I will RE-school them with the truth.

Roland Hansen: Perhaps you should take a more proactive role by running for election to a seat on your local board of education.

Respondent: I know where you are going with that. I flunked speech class. :-) However,
_______ (note: another person is named) and I are on the same page on this issue, so I WOULD campaign with her to get her elected on the board. Now, SHE would be awesome! She is a phenomenal public speaker!

That exchange again got my thoughts reflecting on the seemingly continuing controversial debate on the subject of charter schools and the traditional public school system. That is a subject near and dear to me, and of which I have spoken and written to some length over the years. As a matter of fact, in addition to this entry and the Glass City Academy entry, there are two other previous entries here on Roland Hansen Commentary concerning the topic of charter schools; they are:
December 9, 2008, Cultural Diversity School: A Charter Idea
November 27, 2007, Marc Dann: Charter School Buster!

Now then, let's get to the subject of today. I found the above-cited exchange on the social network to be quite ironic. I use the word ironic because two days ago, just this past Wednesday, June 24, 2009, the day after that exchange on the social network, I read an article, actually it was an editorial piece in the local newspaper (The Blade Pages Of Opinion) that caught my interest. The editorial piece was in regards to charter schools, and it mentions an address given by Arne Duncan, United States Secretary of Education, at the annual meeting of the National Alliance for Public Charters, Barack Obama, and a report on charter schools that has been issued the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University. If you really want to read that newspaper editorial, click on over to The Blade, Charter school challenge.

On the other hand, there are several other interesting reports about that Stanford U CREDO report that I strongly suggest you read. Should you choose to do so, just follow my links to:
Reuters, New Stanford Report Finds Serious Quality Challenge in National Charter School Sector
Yahoo News, U.S. News, Charter Schools Might Not Be Better Report: Charter Schools Aren't So Exemplary (from which you may click the link to listen to an interview by Michel Martin of National Public Radio with Nelson Smith of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Not to be left out is the full CREDO National Charter School Study itself from the website where you may read the press release, the executive summary, the full report, the technical appendix, and the various state reports.
For that, all you need do is click this.

So, the report is in, but the question remains: What are your thoughts concerning charter schools?

Especially to those persons who vehemently criticize traditional public schools in their passionate strong support of charter schools, I ask: What about evaluating charter schools?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shunned by Keith Wilkowski, Toledo Mayor Candidate

Politics is sometimes interesting. I say interest because right now I do not know what phrase to use. I'm thinking something is really strange in the Keith Wilkowski campaign for Toledo Mayor.

As I have previously written, I have known Keith a long time, long before he ever became a candidate for Mayor of the City of Toledo.

Several occurrences have transpired that lead me to believe that since formally announcing his latest candidacy Keith feels that I no longer even exist or that I am not worthy of being acknowledged.

You may ask what type of occurrences would cause me to come to such a conclusion. Well, I'll tell you.

I have been getting lots of Wilkowski campaign crap in various internet social networks, like twitter which I may soon block due to lack of personal contact and like the Keith Wilkowski for Mayor Facebook group that I did drop due to lack of personal contact, and from Ben Krompak or other cronies from the Wilkowski For Mayor Committee.

Then, there is the small matter of campaign literature and invitations sent to my house addressed solely to my wife, Judy Hansen, who just happens to be an elected official herself as a member of the Lucas County Educational Service Center Governing Board, serving in her third 4-year term. That is the same body to which I had been elected for three terms and had served twelve years before deciding not to seek re-election, but to which my wife then decided to seek.

At any rate, it is one thing to send campaign literature and invites to campaign social events to my wife and omit me but the biggest slap of all came in today's USPS mail. Today, I was somewhat aghast to see in the mail an invitation stating, in part:

Join us for a festive informative evening

to learn more about

Toledo Mayoral Candidate

Keith Wilkowski

Join us for summertime drinks & hors d'oeuvres

at the home of

Michael and Jody DeBacker

3230 Hidden Ridge * Maumee, Ohio

Thursday, July 9, 2009

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Well, actually it is not the invitation that has left me aghast. It is the way the invitation is addressed. I mean, come on, what would you think if it were you - and you were Roland Hansen, the person who knew the candidate for many years (27+) and it was the candidate with whom you had worked with politically for years - and then you see the invitation addressed to:

Judy Hansen & Guest

What am I, chopped liver?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lucas County Commissioner in 2010

Back on July 6th, 2007, I started a message thread on the Toledo area political message board, SwampBubbles, attempting to stir up some serious conversation about the next Mayoral election that was more than two years down the road; that is this year's election. While my posting resulted in quite a few comments, there was very little serious dialogue by the so-called self-proclaimed political activists, bloggers, commentators.

It was soon after that message thread that some people began to circulate a rumor that I, Roland Hansen, was going to be a candidate for Mayor of Toledo and posted some negative commentary along those lines on various political blogs and internet message boards. I guess these folks just had to practice their art of political predictions and character assassination.

Regardless of that bit about me, here we are today in the heat of the initial stages of the primary election battle to determine the next Mayor of the City of Toledo, Ohio in which many people are bemoaning the choices being proffered to date. I guess the electorate will always remain the same, a bunch of crybabies who sit on the sidelines complaining about "bad" government and "dirty" politicians. For reference sake, I suggest you take a look at that message thread: Toledo Mayor in 2009.
(Oh, incidentally, did you read my prediction back then about the recall effort of the Mayor? Such useless and wasted energy as is today's Take Back Toledo push!)

Now, what has all that got to do with the Roland Hansen Commentary of today? Okay, if you went to the aforementioned message thread and read it, you will understand more fully what I am now addressing.

Here goes ...

All right, I know we haven't even elected the Mayor of the City of Toledo, Ohio yet this year, let alone chosen the two candidates for Toledo Mayor in the primary election that is still just short of three months away. Heck, the general election is still five months off into the future from this entry of Roland Hansen Commentary.

None-the-less, one of the candidates for Toledo Mayor is Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop who was elected to a four-year term back in 2006 and who has broken his 2006 campaign pledge to complete his full term if he were to be elected a Lucas County Commissioner.

I suspect that Ben Konop will not even survive the September 2009 municipal primary election to be a candidate for Mayor of Toledo in the November 2009 general election. In the unlikely possibility that he does survive the primary election to be a candidate in the general election, he should be soundly defeated.

All of that brings me to my main focus today. The seat on the Board of Lucas County Commissioners currently held by Ben Konop is up for election in 2010. I'm going to assume Benny Konop will fall flat on his face in his Toledo mayoral quest and seek re-election as a Lucas County Commissioner, that is, of course, providing Benny-boy doesn't find some other political elective office that suits his political opportunistic fancy and go for it instead. In the event that Ben Konop does seek re-election as a Lucas County Commissioner, he should be tossed out on his ear. My previous entries here on Roland Hansen Commentary about Ben Konop provide the information as to why I have such thoughts. Just plug his name in up there in the blog search box and you can read them all if you so desire.


I have heard and read that some people are dissatisfied with the current political faces on the Board of Lucas County Commissioners and want change. Some have said the heck with the political parties. Some clamor for an independent. Whatever!

The reality is if you truly want something different in the 2010 election for the Board of Lucas County Commissioners, it is necessary to start now in order to offset the advantage of incumbency and political party affiliation.

That long-winded introductory statement is the lead in to a question. Here is the question:

Who do you suggest run for Lucas County Commissioner in 2010?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gordy Heminger, Ohio Politician Extraordinaire

I read with interest The Blade June 9, 2009 article Bowling Green councilman leaving for job in Indianapolis which is about Gordy Heminger, a former two term Maumee City Councilman and present Bowling Green City Councilman.

Over this-a-way, you may read the Alpha Sigma Phi news release Heminger Named Fraternity CEO.

Back on June 16, 2008, Northwest Ohio Political Blotter had the blog entry entitled Councilman Gordy Heminger, Bowling Green which you may read by clicking on the embedded link.

From the April 13, 2009 BGSU Monitor, you may read in the following embedded link about Gordy Heminger in the article Administrative staff names 'BG Best' that tells why Gordy has received recognition as 'BG’s Best' by the Administrative Staff Council of Bowling Green State University.

I wish Gordy all the best in the world. He certainly has worked diligently not only in politics but throughout his professional career. I first met Gordy when he was a young teenager working as a volunteer in numerous Lucas County Democratic candidates' campaigns. Gordy Heminger made a lasting positive impression on me and, while I haven't seen him in many years, I have followed his career from a distance ever since I met him. Way back in the early 1990s, I got the gut feeling that Gordy would make a fine elected official someday and would be the best of the best. I thought then and said to many people that Gordy Heminger was the rising star in Lucas County Democratic politics. A few short years later, he won election at the age of 18 to Maumee City Council. He was off and doing well.

Then, for some strange reason - but what isn't strange in politics, it seemed to me that the Lucas County Democratic Party organization and leadership overlooked Gordy Heminger and all the wonderful work he had done in Democratic Party politics. Other people became the Lucas County Democratic Party favorites, a very select few and amongst them was a "favorite son" by the name of Wade Kapszukiewicz. That aside, it seemed as though the young man who had worked so hard in the trenches of the Lucas County Democratic Party since he was but a young child, Gordy Heminger, was not receiving the support of the Lucas County Democratic Party machine. Having been twice elected to Maumee City Council, Gordy eventually moved to Bowling Green. Lucas County lost one of its most promising Democratic politicians.

In Bowling Green, Gordy Heminger became well known and respected in both his professional and his political life. He re-entered politics in Wood County and was active in the Wood County Democratic Party. He has been twice elected to Bowling Green City Council and was the 2008 endorsed Democrat for Wood County Clerk of Courts. Click on over to read the Sentinel-Tribune Heminger cites his leadership skills article.

Now, Wood County is losing Gordy Heminger, the proven politician and elected official. Gordy is moving to Indianapolis to assume his new position as President and CEO of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. I wish him well, but am sad to see him leave. Ohio is losing a fine elected official and a real true politician of the best kind.

Gordy, if you should come across this blog entry, I wish you the best of everything. And, by the way, Gordy, I still have the note you sent me when you were still not of voting age in which you wrote "Mr. Hansen, Congratulations on your election to the Lucas County School Board. I hope to be able to work with you on a campaign in the future."

To me, Gordy Heminger has been and is an Ohio politician extraordinaire.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lucas County Elected Officials Blog - WHAT A JOKE!!! Kapszukiewicz and Konop.

The title says it all. Don't believe me. Take a look at the Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog and decide for yourself.

How many elected officials are blogging there? Who are they? How often does each elected official make an entry? How much is this Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog costing the taxpayers of Lucas County?

Is the Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog really a public service or a total waste of taxpayers' money in promoting public images of political hacks?

Am I correct in my opinion that "Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog" is just plain political opportunism by the 2Ks (Kapszukiewicz and Konop)?

Why do the other elected Lucas County officials allow this farce of a blog to exist? And if they think the concept is so darn good, why haven't they made use of it? Who in the heck should be held accountable for this total and complete piece of crap?

Did you see my comments about the two Ks in the immediately preceding Roland Hansen Commentary of May 27? Check it out if you haven't done so already.

Come on, don't be shy. Tell me what you think of the Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog. I'd also LOVE to read your comments about the 2Ks.

Incidentally, have you noticed the absence of the 2Ks in the blogosphere, electronic bulletin boards, e-forums, and the like? For a couple of self-proclaimed techno-savvy guys, they sure seem to be conveniently and conspicuously invisible in the electronic internet media.