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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peace on Earth. Goodwill towards Men.

The message "Peace on Earth. Goodwill towards Men." is often said. I wonder how many people truly believe in that message that they so easily say this time of the year.

I wonder if that message applies to:
North Korea

and everywhere on this Earth.

Or in making that statement, are folks just demonstrating more hypocrisy?

I wonder if bible thumping conservatives believe this message applies to those who do not share the same religion or same perspective or same political beliefs.

I wonder. I wonder. I wonder.


Tim Higgins said...


Good and bad examples of this message can be found on all sides of the political spectrum, as they can from both Testaments of the Bible. I believe that you understand as well as anyone that we must trod carefully when placing religion and politics in the same message, as more evil has been done to Man in the name of faith than almost any other.

I believe in the message of the season however, taking it to be one of the few that could be considered non-partisan. I further believe that this message has less to do with religious beliefs than perhaps the hope and faith that it exists within the hearts of men of good will everywhere.

In the spirit of those who seek to understand the message of these words, I wish you and your family the best of holiday seasons.

Roland Hansen said...

Excellent response, Tim. Of course, I knew you would understand the underlying intent.
I doubt very many other people understand the full thrust here.