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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Judy Hansen for Lucas County Commissioner?

I wonder if you remember the Roland Hansen Commentary Lucas County Commissioner in 2010.

Well, it appears that the possible previous candidate for Lucas County Commissioner with whom I had spoken has decided against running for Lucas County Commissioner in 2010.

Hopefully, you familiar with all the Roland Hansen Commentary Ben Konop entries.

If you have read all that, then you know why I think it is imperative that Ben Konop be replaced as a Lucas County Commissioner.

So, now, I think that my wife, Judy Hansen, should be put forth as a candidate for Lucas County Commissioner in 2010. What do you think? Should Judy Hansen be Running for Lucas County Commissioner or Not?


Chili Dog said...

not to be callous, but I am of the "Anyone-but-Konop" camp. If you think Judy qualified, consider this my endorsement as well.

Tim Higgins said...


I would applaud such clear thinking being added to the Commissioners, and think that Judy would do an excellent job. My only concern would be that such responsibilities might place travel restrictions on the Hansen clan.

How would I believe to live such an exciting vicarious lifestyle if that happened?

Roland Hansen said...

Gee, thanks, Chili Dog.
Hmmm, food for thought, Tim.
Maybe, we should have a "Replace Konop" public meeting to discuss possibilities.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


Judy would make a great Commissioner.

(if she's up for the fight and the subsequent abuse...)