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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Positive Attributes of the City of Toledo and of Lucas County, Ohio.

I am sick and tired of all the negativism that seems to permeate the commentaries and discussions of the City of Toledo and of Lucas County, Ohio. Consequently, I have decided to rattle off just a few of what I perceive, in no specific order, as the positive attributes of Toledo, Ohio and of Lucas County, Ohio.

Moderate Geographical and Population Size
Ethnic, Racial, Religious, and Cultural Diversity
Rail, Air, Water, Highway Hub
Public Bus System
Skilled Workforce
Area Metroparks and Toledo City Parks
Museum of Art
Stranahan Theater at Masonic Complex
Symphonic Orchestra
University of Toledo
Area Office on Aging
Children Services Board Agency
Child Support Enforcement Agency
Westfield Shopping Center at Franklin Park
Suburban cities and villages

To reiterate, in my opinion, those are just a few of the attributes. Please feel free to add in the comments section your own list of positive attributes.

Incidentally, I would have loved to put Owens Community College in there, but neither is it in Toledo, nor is it in Lucas County.

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Judy said...

How about the Toledo Botanical Garden and the Valentine Theatre and the Farmers' Market. I'm sure I could think of many more to add to the list. Toledo will always be my home, no matter how far I roam.

Ben said...

I think there are a lot of cities - take Cleveland for instance - that there are a lot of positives that can be listed off. The question is always, do they outweigh the negatives?

For Cleveland, I dont think. Toledo I can not answer.

Nonetheless, interesting.

Roland Hansen said...

Our communities are what we make them. Majority rule, minority rights, and an apathetic general public that overwhelmingly fails to vote.

Roland Hansen said...

Yes, indeed, Judy. Youve mentioned a few others that I could have listed.
Can anyone else come up with some more?

Hooda Thunkit said...


We're on the tip of one of the Great Lakes, so we have plenty of water related fun and sport opportunities.