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Friday, March 20, 2009

Running For Toledo Mayor: Keith Wilkowski

Do we need to Take Back Toledo or do we need to Turn Toledo Around?

I have heard that Keith Wilkowski is making a second attempt to be elected Mayor of the City of Toledo, Ohio. As a former Toledo City Board of Education member, a former Lucas County Commissioner, a former Toledo City Law Director, a former City of Rossford Law Director, and a former Chairman of the Lucas County Democratic Party, Keith Wilkowski is no stranger to public service. There is no shortage of news stories about Keith Wilkowski when one looks at the In The News section of the Keith Wilkowski, Turn Toledo Around, Democrat for Mayor web site.

But what do we really know about Keith Wilkowski? I have known Keith for a number of years, going back to when he was a candidate for election to the Toledo School Board, and even before that because I knew his father Art Wilkowski when Art was an elected member of the Ohio House of Representatives who along with fellow Toledo representatives, Barney Quilter and Casey Jones, masterminded the rise of Verne Riffe as Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives. (Ah, how I remember those days!)

Rather than relay any inside information I may have regarding Keith Wilkowski, let me just point you to a few places in cyberspace that will allow you to start gathering information you might find helpful in trying to decide about the candidacy of Keith Wilkowski for Mayor of Toledo. I suggest you take a look at:
123 People
Campaign Money
The Huffington Post

Use whatever internet search engine you prefer, do a search on Keith Wilkowski, and you will find a lot more information about Keith Wilkowski.


Hooda Thunkit said...


Thanks but no thanks.

Keith isn't on my short list.

Actually, the truth be told, he's not on my long list either.

Not now, not ever; and it has nothing to do with his political affiliation..., or mine.

Roland Hansen said...

Hooda Thunkit,
That is a very interesting comment you have made. I wonder what other people think about Keith Wilkowski.

Roland Hansen said...

I wonder why there has been no comments from either Keith Wilkowski himself or from anyone associated with his campaign organization.