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Monday, November 10, 2008

Karyn McConnell Hancock: Another (former) Toledo City Council Crook

Remember Ray Kest, the now-former Lucas County Treasurer who was forced to resign in disgrace in order to avoid prosecution and possible jail time?

Remember Robert "Bob" McCloskey, the now-former Toledo City Council member who was convicted of bribery, received a light jail sentence, and then received an early release?

Remember Karyn McConnell Hancock, the now-former Toledo City Council member, who fabricated a story about being kidnapped?
Well, Karyn McConnell Hancock is back in the news again.
This time, Karyn McConnell Hancock has been indicted for stealing more than one-half million dollars.

The history of politics in the City of Toledo and in Lucas County, Ohio is full of stories like these. A book could be written about it all. It could be a great follow-up to the book "Unholy Toledo" which I have read three times.

Unfortunately, that book, i.e. "Unholy Toledo" did not delve deeply into some of the more interesting political scandals and it is now out of print. I recall several stories that were told to me by several people, all now deceased, including a former mayor, a former county commissioner, and a former state representative. I also heard quite a few stories from a former county employee (a convicted felon who had been appointed to a civil service position in violation of state law as a reward for having kept quiet) who had previously served time in a federal prison rather than "tell all" to the federal law enforcement authorities.

As far as Karyn McConnell Hancock is concerned, in my opinion, she should be locked up and the key thrown away, just as should have been done with Bob McCloskey and Ray Kest.


Judy said...

Latest word on the local news is that she is going only by McConnell, even though her divorce is not final. I feel sad for her family that they must also carry the shame for what she has done.

Tim Higgins said...

Come now Roland. How can you dare to suggest that the law be applied to one of our local elite. Ms. McConnell-Hancock need merely click her heals together and say, "There's no crook like Tom Noe" three times and she will be back in Kansas (I mean Toledo), all sins forgiven.

Hooda Thunkit said...

So, whose working on Unholy Toledo Volume II; the Corruption Continues...?