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Monday, November 17, 2008

OSU President Pay Exceeds One Million Dollars

"E. Gordon Gee of Ohio State was the highest-paid public university president, earning $1,346,000, including a recently announced $310,000 bonus."

That sentence appears in the last paragraph of an article that appeared in the November 17, 2008 edition of Delaware Online.

Not bad pay for an appointed public employee!!! But, wait. The President of Ohio State University is not the only public university president to be getting wealthy and lining his or her pockets at the expense of the American taxpayers who are struggling to find the tuition to send their children to college.

Take a look and read The Wall Street Journal story Most College President's Pay Climbing.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has its story Public university presidents' pay up 7.6%; and from, you can read the Arizona Republic article University presidents' salaries on the rise.

Let me see now.
The Governor of Ohio, Ted Stricland, is paid $140,391.00.
The President of the United States, George W. Bush, is paid $400,000.00.
The President of Ohio State University, E. Gordon Gee, is paid $1,346,000.00.

Something just doesn't add up.
But, I have said it before.
Dollars and sense do not go hand in hand.


Hooda Thunkit said...


"Dollars and sense do not go hand in hand."

Indeed. . .


Tim Higgins said...

What a shock that the cost of higher education is going up at a rate far greater than that of inflation (or at least it was).

Judy said...

It's a Crime, in these hard times I say hold the line on pay raises if it means raising the students fees.In light of the information that has been presented, I would never give one dine of my money to the schools. NO ONE AND I REPEAT NO ONE, is worth that salary!

Ben said...

It does seem a bit excessive.

Judy said...

More than a BIT, Ben!

Judy said...

Opps, I just noticed a boo-boo in my comment. I meant to type not one dime!