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Monday, May 19, 2008

University of Toledo: President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs Should Resign Or Be Fired

Is there any confusion over the title of this entry? If so, let me clarify by stating I am of the opinion that Dr. Lloyd Jacobs should resign as President of the University of Toledo; if Lloyd Jacobs does not resign, then he should be fired. I have written about the University of Toledo before on several occasions here on Roland Hansen Commentary.

The last time I made an entry about UT was on March 23, 2008 in the entry University of Toledo: A Success As A Failure OR A Failure At Success?

The most current incident at UT that has grabbed my attention involves the firing by Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, a medical doctor surgeon turned University President earning a $385,000.00 annual salary plus benefits, of a University of Toledo administrator by the name of Crystal Dixon who wrote an article as a private citizen that describes her religious beliefs on the topic of homosexuality as it relates to the topic of discrimination. Rather than me paraphrasing that news article, take a look at it yourself by clicking on the following embedded link to The Blade article University of Toledo official fired over column.

While I do not share the beliefs of Crystal Dixon, I support her right to state and write about her beliefs. It is my opinion that Dr. Lloyd Jacobs over-reacted in his official response in his capacity of President of the University of Toledo. I further believe that not only has he misused and abused his authority in this situation, but I also believe that President Jacobs has put the taxpayers of Ohio in jeopardy. In the event that a lawsuit is filed by Ms. Dixon, it may very well be decided in her favor with a financial settlement that may include back wages and damages in the tens or thousands of dollars.

A quick search on the internet discloses many, many references to this latest incident, which I also believe demonstrates misfeasance and malfeasance on the part of Lloyd Jacobs.

Below are just a few of the references I found:

Renew America: Civil wrongs in the name of civil rights

WorldNetDaily: Firing raises 1st Amendment, equal protection issues

LifeSiteNews: Black University Employee Suspended for Objecting to Comparison between Black and Homosexual Discrimination

CampusReportOnline: Unholy Toledo

Free Republic: UT administrator fired for speaking out

Stop The ACLU: Moonbat Educator of the Week

SwampBubbles: Press Release - Response To Dr. Lloyd Jacobs Firing Crystal Dixon

You know something? I've changed my mind.
The heck with asking for the resignation of Dr. Lloyd Jacobs as University of Toledo President! He should be fired immediately!!


Tim Higgins said...


While I can understand Dr. Jacobs concern over an HR director saying something politically incorrect, I agree with you that he made a terrible choice here.

I can't say that I agree with Ms. Dixon's beliefs either, but caving in to potential reprecussions (legal or otherwise) from the left does not serve UT. Universities are supposed to be bastions of free expression and open discussion. Dr. Jacobs has proved that he diagrees with that philosphy. So by the same standard that he used to judge Ms. Dixon, he should likewise be removed.

That he will not be remmoved is a sad commentary on UT. Evidently free speech is only to be encouraged if it is PC at the least, liberal leaning at best.

Ben said...

Roland, you have, over the course of several posts, made a good case for his removal.

I didnt go to Toledo nor is that the part of the state I live in, but I feel like I am part of the UT community after reading your posts.

Ill sign your petition!! (if you start one).

Roland Hansen said...

Tim, I was really taken aback by Lloyd Jacobs remarks, especially so when he inserted his own personal beliefs into his response. He really showed that he has a dual standard in that regard. Jacobs appears to be a perfect living example of The Peter Principle.

Hmmm, Ben, a petition. Maybe, just maybe. I wonder how that would go over ....
In my opinion, Dr. Lloyd Jacobs has failed in so many ways that I am amazed that neither the Ohio Board of Reagents nor the Governor has intervened.

Roland Hansen said...

oops, typo alert, typo alert

I see in my comment above that I put an "a" in the word "Regeants" that doesn't belong. It is supposed to be spelled "Regents."
I originally noticed the error just before I posted that comment and thought I had corrected it before hitting the "publish" icon. Apparently, and obviously, I did not make the correction.
My bad!
Rather than deleting the comment and resubmitting it in a corrected version, I figured I'd just type this comment as a correction for the above comment error.

I forgive me. Will you?
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