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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lucas County Republicans: Wack Off - Wack On and the Stainbrook Saga

I had started to post a comment in my previous Roland Hansen Commentary Lucas County Republicans: Wack Off, Stainbrook One, Reichert Zero but had a change of mind. Hence, this new Roland Hansen Commentary entry with its own heading. Apparently Wack was on, then Wack was off, but now Wack is back and never really left as is indicated in the latest news story to which I link at the bottom of this Roland Hansen Commentary.

At the moment, with the court ordering a delay in the Lucas County Republican Party organizational meeting, it appears that Jon Stainbrook just won Round Two in his coup d'etat attempt to gain Chairmanship of the Lucas County Republican Party.

While there has been a flurry of people who have been slamming Stainbrook's actions, behavior, and temperament, a close reading of the news reports cause me to question the integrity, honesty, truthfulness, and modus operendi of the current Lucas County GOP leadership of Bob Reichert and Doug Haynam along with the continued assistance from 'Wack Off - Wack On' who has a felony conviction record and who after that conviction became a paid Lucas County Republican staffer but is now a volunteer worker in the Lucas County Republican Party Headquarters.

You might better understand my perspective, if you have completely and carefully read the previous articles to which I have linked in Lucas Couty Republicans: Wack Off, Stainbrook One, Reichert Zero and go now to the following embedded link to carefully and completely read the article Judge delays Lucas County GOP meeting.

There is a plethora of Stainbrook attacks elsewhere on the web but very little, if any, in the way of comments on the actions of the current Lucas County GOP leadership and in-crowd. It appears to me that most blogosphere commentators are centering their comments on the personality of Jon Stainbrook rather than the issue of the struggle within the Lucas County Republican Party itself. My intention here is an attempt to shine some public light on the activities and behaviors at Lucas County Republican Party Headquarters and the folks involved there-in, which I believe is an aspect that is being overlooked by other commentators.


Judy said...

I believe there is a superabundance number of attacks on Jon. Not that I think he is correct in some of his moves, but he sure has but himself out there for the good of his party.

Judy said...

Opps, one to many but's, the second one should be put himself out there!