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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Donald Trump In Comparison With President Barack Obama

Gee, I wonder how politically conservative Obama Bashers rationalize their support for Donald Trump to be the President of the United States of America upon examination of Mr. Trump's character.

Upon looking at Donald Trump's lifelong record of his personal and professional business life, how anyone could make a personal recommendation of Donald Trump for President is beyond my understandiing.

After close examination of the curriculum vitae of Donald Trump, writing a letter of reference for the position of Dog Catcher isn't even in order.

Donald Trump in any position of public trust is unfathomable to me!


CWMartin said...

Well, frankly, I do it with some holding of the nose... but if I REALLY thought about it, I might just not vote if it were OBAMA... but with the choice we have, I am MORE than willing to take Trump and hope for the best. Trump said something not fit to repeat years ago, and apologized. Hillary left good men to die in Libya and said, "What difference now does it make?" Many things I can forgive, but NOT that.

Roland Hansen said...

Hold on tight to that nose of yours, CWMartin, I have a feeling that the stench of the current campaign in the Presidential election is going to get much stronger.