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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Driver Beware!

It happened to me again, today! 

While heading north on a major street, a driver pulled out from the side street to the right of me to make a left turn heading south while crossing in front of my path. Had I not suddenly braked, I would have t-boned him/her.

It seems that not one single day of me driving from one place to another does not result with some other driver abruptly pulling in front of me, cutting me off, turning left in front of me coming from the opposite direction, making a left turn in front of me from the lane to my right that is going the same direction, or even making right turn in front of me (from the lane to the left of me going in the same direction), tailgating me and riding my bumper, weaving in and out of traffic, turning from a side street into (and driving in) the center lane for left turns while trying to merge into a traffic lane that goes straight ahead, sitting at a green traffic light while texting or on a cell phone, weaving in lanes while texting or on a cell phone, slowing down in fast traffic while texting or on a cell phone, not pulling over for emergency vehicles with lights flashing and sirens sounding, etc., etc. The list goes on and on and on!

Years ago, these types of things happened from time to time; but nowadays, it seems as though they happen on a regular occurrence. Nowadays, it seems that bad drivers are everywhere all the time!

Why Are U.S. Drivers So Bad?

Bill Griffith has written 18 annoying habits of chronically bad drivers that you may wish to read.

You may also wish to read 5 Types of Terrible Drivers: A Dossier from a 1955 Driver’s Ed Manual by Brett & Kate McKay.

All I can say is:
Driver Beware!


CWMartin said...

I agree completely. When I was a kid, we used to laugh at how bad Ohio drivers were (Dad's theory was that they drive bad because they had good roads and were not challenged, And they had good roads because "They always vote the guys in office out after one term so they don't get crooked like ours", lol) . Then I went to Florida once and REALLY learned what bad driving is. But now it's everywhere, and it isn't lack of ability to drive, it's they stopped teaching polite, responsible driving and went to teaching aggressive driving. I could give you three good examples from this afternoon, but I doubt you want to go through more of the same.

Roland Hansen said...

Thank you for weighing in on this topic, CWMartin.
Not a day of driving goes by for me without some idiot "driver" pulling some really stupid maneuvers.
And yes I would like to read about your experiences, so write away my friend.