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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Patrick Hickey. Toledo, Ohio: Washington Local School District. Superintendent. Saga, Legacy, Scandal, Shame?

There has been lots and lots going on in the Ohio school district of Washington Local Schools whose jurisdiction is in both Washington Township and a large chunk of the City of Toledo.

Rather than me writing all about it and placing all kinds of embedded links, I am placing embedded links to a variety of message threads from the website of SwampBubbles that also contain other embedded links for even more information that will fill you with awe if you open those links and read all the materiel that is presented there.

Here goes:
As an aside, I am placing a couple of the links that are contained within the referenced SwampBubbles message threads because I found them to be especially interesting:
The situation with Patrick Hickey in his capacity as the Superintendent of Washington Local Schools is indeed a sad commentary in and of itself.  Saga, Legacy, Scandal, Shame?

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