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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jimbo Diehl on Politicians and Me

A Facebook Post of Jimbo Diehl, August 4 at 9:43am ·

The Politician

I promise your wants and even more,
I will but vote it, once on the floor.
Please elect me and I'll take care of you,
Til' I'm in office and then we are through,
Perhaps I'll vote true, but first I'll get mine,
And vote for the lobbyist time after time.
Untold riches and even a plane,
Only to sell my country - straight down the drain,
No matter the party we're all the same,
Liars, and cheats for it's only a game,
To pass bad laws, and not even read,
except for ones self, what is the need,
The pay is so small, but I needn't a care,
For I will surely become a multi-millionaire.
I'm am the leader of all of my people,
But they are so dumb, nothing but sheeple.
They'll do what I say and love me galore,
But deep down inside I'm only a whore.

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Greg Putzke: Epic !!!!
Like · Reply · August 4 at 6:24pm
Jimbo Diehl: Thanks. I enjoyed writing it ;-) our hole government are assholes. ;-)
Like: Greg Putzke · August 4 at 6:41pm 
Jimbo Diehl: Did I rattle some scumbag politicians or what? Lol. Too funny
Like · August 4 at 9:06pm
Greg Putzke: You could maybe run with the Donald
Like · Reply · August 4 at 6:42pm

Jimbo Diehl: I think it would be easy. Just wipe out all the fecal matter and follow the constitution.
Like: Seamus Michael Hnat, Greg Putzke · Reply · August 4 at 7:25pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Basically, most people are the same as are the subjects of this poem. Politicians do represent the people, that is to say that poiticians are not any different than the vast majority of people. Fact: Most people lie, cheat, sin, are egotists being self-absorbed and self-centered. I think people who bash politicians are transfering their own feelings of guilt onto politicians; that is a whole lot easier to do than to admit their own short-comings.
Like · Reply · August 4 at 7:42pm

Jimbo Diehl: Ouch. One difference most people don't run on that as an "elected" REPRESENTATIVE.
Like · Reply · August 4 at 8:09pm
Roland Louis Hansen: Not enough of a difference to make a distinction.
Like · August 4 at 8:11pm

Jimbo Diehl: I beg to differ. A scumbag albeit a part of society. Does not force himself onto the entire population as something he is not. It takes a special loser to do that without one shred of conscience. The lowest of low. A politician!
Like · August 4 at 8:15pm

Roland Louis Hansen: I have run for office on 8 occasions and won 3 elections of those 8. I consider myself a politician; you consider me "the lowest of the low." I notice, Jimbo, that you are fond of name-calling. It is my opinion that when people stoop to name-calling, it is because they cannot debate or discuss things intelligently.
Like · August 4 at 8:22pm

Jimbo Diehl: I'll throw it out for likes
Like: Greg Putzke · August 4 at 8:25pm

Jimbo Diehl: You started. With your inference that
My bashing makes me a scumbag. I am free to bash scumbag politicians as I wish. Although they're trying to take away that right as we speak. You're free to call me names as well, but the mountain of evidence against politician falls on my side of the argument. You should be embarrassed to associate yourself with these ilk destroying our country!
Like: Seamus Michael Hnat · August 4 at 8:30pm

Jimbo Diehl: Oh most people aren't scumbags!!!!
Like · August 4 at 8:33pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Feeling a bit defensive, Jimbo? Think that taking the offense is a good defense. I never stooped to name-calling. I did not use or infer the word scumbag. That is your choice of words to describe politicians, me included. I started nothing; I commented on your poem that clearly bashed politicians, plain and simple. It seems to me that you are being hostile and aggressive in your apparent hatred of people with whom you disagree.
Like · August 4 at 8:37pm

Jimbo Diehl: Oh and as far as intelligence goes. I'll match mine verse yours any day!
Like: Greg Putzke · August 4 at 8:42pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Give me a break. Why do you think it is necessary to beat your chest? Do you believe it is some kind of macho competition to intelligently discuss an issue?
Like · August 4 at 8:45pm

Jimbo Diehl: Why is it liberals only think they are intelligent. Cracks me up
Like · August 4 at 8:47pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Now, Jimbo, who made that allegation? It wasn't me. Are you feeling insecure? Do you question your own intelligence? How about your masculinity?
Like · August 4 at 8:50pm

Jimbo Diehl: Lol you are to funny. You initiated the use of both of those words.
Like · August 4 at 8:52pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Really? And you talk about politicians being liars. You remind me of the phrase "pot calling the kettle black."
What does the pot calling the kettle black mean? What's the definition of...

Like · August 4 at 9:04pm

Jimbo Diehl: Ok I'll prove it
40 minutes ago you said intelligently.
23 and 19 minutes ago you said macho and masculinity

Yes you did initiate the use of both of those words!

The truth hurts doesn't it!
Like: Seamus Michael Hnat · August 4 at 9:11pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Truth is truth. However, you failed to be specific when you simply wrote, "You initiated the use of both of those words."

Now then, you need to re-read the entire statements and place them in the context in which they were used rather than extrapolating and spinning the use of those words to suit your own preconceived misconceptions.

And now, I shall take my leave and write no more in this message thread. I do not argue for the sake of arguing as you seem to do as you also seem to take so much pleasure and glee in doing so. I enjoy discussions; I enjoy debates. I do not get my jollies by engaging in malicious dialogues as appears to be your focus.

I suspect you will respond with something inane so you can have the last word. Fine. Do your thing.
Like · August 4 at 9:28pm

Jimbo Diehl: Good Night politician. Sweet dreams ;-)
Like: Seamus Michael Hnat · August 4 at 9:34pm
Jimbo Diehl: I beg to differ. A scumbag albeit a part of society (I totally disagree that most people are scumbags, in fact it is a small group compared to the entire population) does not force himself onto the entire population as something he is not. It takes a special loser to do that without one shred of conscience. The lowest of low. A politician!
Like: Greg Putzke · August 4 at 8:24pm

Judy Rosenberg Hansen: I am insulted by you, calling me a scumbag! I ran 3 times for the school board and won all 3 times. I did it for the kids to allow them the best opportunity for their future. Someone needs to step up and serve on these school boards and other elected offices. Also, don't forget your best friend Marilyn Mount Kocevar and her service to the community! Is she a loser in your book?
Like · Reply · August 4 at 8:37pm

Jimbo Diehl: Lol. So typical
Like · Reply · August 4 at 8:46pm
Judy Rosenberg Hansen: I find your lack of a good response to me as typical of someone who has not thought enough before putting fingers to the keys. Also, as a poet (used loosely) you must know that your readers will take your words and interject them into their own lives. That's part of what poetry is all about! Creative Writing 101
Like · August 4 at 9:07pm

Jimbo Diehl: Already discussed this way before your reply dear
Like · August 4 at 9:13pm

Jimbo Diehl: Over 12 minutes before your reply.
Like · August 4 at 9:14pm

Jimbo Diehl: And yes my mind flows freely to the keys I encumbered by our education propaganda and brain washing!
Like · August 4 at 9:16pm

Jimbo Diehl: Not. Lol
Like · August 4 at 9:16pm

Judy Rosenberg Hansen: I will not comment to you again on this. I have better ways to use my time, goodnite!!!!
Like · August 4 at 9:22pm

Jimbo Diehl: Sweet Dreams!
Like · August 4 at 9:22pm
Jimbo Diehl: In "my" opinion I feel most people reading my poem would associate it with members of our three branches of government residing in the cesspool we call Washington. If you felt the poem was on a personal level so be it. I have stated before my poems mean things in my mind. You pull from the poem your own thoughts and your own feelings. Ie don't shoot the poet for how "you" feel.
Like: Greg Putzke · Reply · August 4 at 9:00pm

Greg Putzke: Thought invoking? Yes, excellent. I think that's what your words are meant to do. Lively debate no doubt.
Like: Christine Summers Diehl, Jimbo Diehl, Seamus Michael Hnat · Reply · August 4 at 9:51pm

Greg Putzke: Just remember Jimbo, right is right and left is wrong. Lol
Like: Christine Summers Diehl, Jimbo Diehl, Seamus Michael Hnat · Reply · August 4 at 10:15pm

Seamus Michael Hnat: My sister works for the gov't, right in DC, for John Boehner. At least she is in the good side (but neither right or left seems to be right now in days) but a politician is a politician and they all hide things from us. All of which are mostly wrong in my opinion. She knows that I'm not fond of her or her job. I always love seeing her hands In her own pockets lmao.
Like: Christine Summers Diehl, Jimbo Diehl, Greg Putzke · Reply · August 5 at 12:23am

Greg Putzke: Right or left , the long term agendas seem to be quite similar.
Like: Christine Summers Diehl, Jimbo Diehl, Seamus Michael Hnat · Reply · August 5 at 5:09am


CWMartin said...

I find it funny that that troll couldn't even finish the post about putting his intelligence against yours without misspelling something. This was not a man with intelligence, he was "addicted to the agenda" as I call it. As I've said before, there are idiots on both sides of the fence. It is just a shame that there are "scumbags" who have been in WDC too long that make people like Troll Boy lump everyone in the same category.

I had ("had": his choice) another friend that had some bad experiences with cops that made him accuse every LEO of being Nazis. I suspect Troll Boy had a similar experience. So it's easier to blame the LEO or the politician than to admit their fragile yet massive egos are damaged.

His comment about scumbags forcing themselves on the public is the centerpiece of his stupidity. Even if the politician in question is a scumbag (I'll avoid naming names ;) ), the people by voting force him on themselves. Troll Boy couldn't even take on that much responsibility.

Roland Hansen said...

Thank you for your comments, CW Martin. Those comments coming from you help to reinforce in my mind that Jimbo Diehl was a bit off base.
I think after this response to you, I will post a follow up comment (which while related to this Roland Hansen Commentary could actually be a separate stand-alone Roland Hansen Commentary entry) of the Facebook dialog that took place in a message thread I began on the wall of Christine Summers Diehl, wife of Jimbo Diehl.

Roland Hansen said...

Well, I tried to make the follow-up comment as I stated in my response to CW Martin, however, "" would not allow it because it was too lengthy.

Therefore I will make a separate Roland Hansen Commentry entry that I will entitle "Christine Summers Diehl on Jimbo Diehl on Politicians and Me."

dalepertcheck said...

To me, Jimbo Diehl's diatribe against elected officials is an excuse to not be an educated voter. And, after attacking ALL politicians, it is interesting in his later remarks to note that he attacks so-called "liberals," and you "like" the comment that "right is right and left is wrong." This reveals Jimbo's true agenda. As Roland Hansen states, politicians are neither more nor less honest than those in the general population. In this context, Jimbo Diehl is correct that most people are not scumbags, and neither are most politicians. As Judy Rosenberg Hansen states, those who want to serve their communities must step forward and run for public office. If Jimbo Diehl is so convinced that he is both more intelligent and more honest than those who currently serve, why does he not run for elected office? And, if elected, he'll see just how easy it is to serve in such an elected capacity, and how little one must sacrifice when serving in elected office!

Roland Hansen said...

Interesting comments, Dale. Thank you.
While this was the first time I have had a "political" dialogue with Jimbo Diehl on Facebook, I have had a few coversations with him in the real world of face-to-face personal contact. I met and became acquainted with Jimbo Diehl many years ago through a mutual aquaintance, Marilyn Mount Kocevar who I met when she was on the Maumee Board of Education (she later ran as the Endorsed Republican candidate for Mayor of the City of Maumee).
This Facebook dialog pretty much mirrors my real life encounters with him. However, in the past conversations, I eventually just dropped the matter under discussion because Jimbo would not entertain the notion of facts to impede his preconceived notions. It was not worth my time for any such conversations to be exacerbated by his close-mindedness. This Facebook conversation as posted in this Roland Hansen Commentary in a copy-and-paste, word-for-word, unedited manner took the same course.
Incidentlly, Jimbo Diehl has since removed me as a "friend" on Facebook and has "blocked" me on Facebook. So, I guess when his mind is made up, his mind is made up and he will not let facts or friends stand in the way of his ill-informed political positions.