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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Christine Summers Diehl on Jimbo Diehl on Politicians and Me

From the Facebook Wall of Christine Summers Diehl

Roland Louis Hansen‎ > Christine Summers Diehl
August 4 at 9:58pm

Apparently, from the dialogue that took place in a Facebook status update along with its message thread of comments this evening, Chris, your husband Jimbo Diehl has no use for or respect of me or my wife, Judy. In the poem that Jimbo wrote and in the comments he wrote in the message thread following the poem, he has effectively labeled me, Judy, and Marilyn Mount Kocevar as liars, cheats, whores, and scumbags. I find that to be extremely unfortunate.
By the way, in order to truly understand my perspective, it is very important to also read the comments that Jimbo made in the message thread that follows the poem itself. It is not the poem in and of itself that has me taken aback; it is the entire message thread with the exchange of comments that follow the poem.

If you click on the link that follows this sentence, you will be able to read the entire exchange in the message thread that took place after the poem.
ref: Jimbo Diehl Status Update and Message Thread re: "The Politician"
Jimbo Diehl
The Politician

I promise your wants and even more,
I will but vote it, once on the floor.
Please elect me and I'll take care of you,
Til' I'm in office and then we are through,
Perhaps I'll vote true, but first I'll get mine,
And vote for the lobbyist time after time.
Untold riches and even a plane,
Only to sell my country - straight down the drain,
No matter the party we're all the same,
Liars, and cheats for it's only a game,
To pass bad laws, and not even read,
except for ones self, what is the need,
The pay is so small, but I needn't a care,
For I will surely become a multi-millionaire.
I'm am the leader of all of my people,
But they are so dumb, nothing but sheeple.
They'll do what I say and love me galore,
But deep down inside I'm only a whore.

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Christine Summers Diehl: To be honest Roland, I think you and Judy were very quick to take offense where none was given. The poem was a very general statement and no specific politicians were mentioned.
It degenerated from there as BOTH sides began to insult each other.
Jimbo has only ever had good things to say about you and Judy, and I think you know this.
We, and many others on both sides of the aisle are very upset about the way things are run in Washington. I think this is borne out by the abysmal approval ratings of the United States Congress.
The people have no say in their own governance anymore. At least at the Federal level.
Like: Jimbo Diehl, Donna Forbush · Reply · August 4 at 10:16pm
Roland Louis Hansen: The fact remains Chris, that Jimbo used the all-inclusive word politician. I am considered a politician; therefore, Jimbo has indeed included me in his denigrating remarks.
Like · August 4 at 10:19pm

Jimbo Diehl: You don't have a lobbyist, plane, multi-millionaire...etc. any insult was self administered.
Like · August 4 at 10:26pm

Christine Summers Diehl: I have to disagree then. You choose to be offended. I'm sure Jimbo never had a thought of you in his mind when writing this. People make general statements all the time. If I take every one of them personally, I would be offended every day of my life. I choose not to be.
Like: Jimbo Diehl · August 4 at 10:31pm

Roland Louis Hansen: BS is BS, Jimbo. Weasel out all you want, Jimbo. Write what you mean and mean what you write. You are entitled to your opinion; I do not dispute that for a moment. As a writer, you should know that your choice of words is extremely important in conveying your thoughts and meanings. You chose the words in your writings. You, in fact, used the all-inclusive word "politician" in your final shot at me on your own message thread when you wrote "Good Night politician."
Like · August 4 at 10:37pm

Roland Louis Hansen: You may disagree as you will, Chris. But, I think it more relative for Jimbo to clarify any misunderstanding that may have occurred.
Like · August 4 at 10:40pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Incidentally, Jimbo also wrote in another part of that same message thread at 9:06pm: "Did I rattle some scumbag politicians or what? Lol. Too funny" In that Judy and I were the only persons to express disagreement, I see no other intention with that wording except it to be pointed disparaging remarks about my wife, Judy, and me. It is quite apparent that Jimbo was calling both Judy and me "scumbag politicians."
Like · August 4 at 11:05pm

Christine Summers Diehl: Your comments to him were not any less insulting. And you were the first to make it personal. Did you expect him to sit back and agree? Jimbo never will. Just as you won't. So the entire thing was a futile exercise in my opinion.
Like · August 5 at 12:16am
Michael Kocevar: I don't see it like that Roland. Since we mainly tend to follow Washington politics, and Jimbo as well, I understood the poem from this perspective.
Like: Christine Summers Diehl · Reply · August 4 at 10:36pm

Donna Forbush · Friends with Christine Summers Diehl:
I do not know either of these guys, but I would guess from reading Roland Louis Hansen. remarks that he is a true liberal... They are so quick to take offense at something that is not directed at them.. Whining at the drop of a hat... I read what was posted about politicians and thoroughly agree, I thought it was funny and could not see where it was directed at anyone.. Grow up Rolandl, you sound like a 10 year playground bully...
Like: Christine Summers Diehl, Jimbo Diehl · Reply · August 4 at 10:43pm (edited August 5 at 8:37am)
Jimbo Diehl: I think you meant Roland. Lol
Like · August 4 at 10:48pm

Donna Forbush · Friends with Christine Summers Diehl:
Yes I did, sorry.. I did edit it...
Like · August 4 at 10:53pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Thank you for your kind words, Donna Forbush.
Like · August 4 at 10:53pm

Donna Forbush · Friends with Christine Summers Diehl:
You are welcome Roland... Now Man Up..
Like · August 4 at 11:05pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Man up to what, Donna? Please be specific.
Like · August 4 at 11:06pm

Donna Forbush · Friends with Christine Summers Diehl
Quit being so thin skinned, all politicians need to have thick skin.. It's part of the game...If you can't take this kind of a post, then you have no business trying to be a politician..
Like · August 4 at 11:13pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Donna, I see you evaded my request to be specific and instead decided to give your self-proclaimed expert opinion. You do not know me nor do you know anything about me. You may take your precoconceived prejudicial notions and your opinions and ...........

Oh, if you care to do a little factual research in order to gain some information about me, feel free to visit my Linkedin page. (Or, perhaps you would rather make comments to me and about me while remaining ignorant about me.) Here is the link to my Linked in page:
Roland Hansen, MPA | LinkedIn
View Roland Hansen, MPA's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest...
Like · August 8 at 8:30pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Also, if you care to do so, Donna Furbush, you may read background information about me by going onto the following link:
Roland Hansen Background Information
Roland Hansen, B.A., M.P.A. Background...
Like · August 8 at 8:33pm
Roland Louis Hansen: Bed Time for me. Good night, all.
Like · Reply · August 4 at 11:09pm

Roland Louis Hansen: Oh, I see that Christine Summers Diehl and Jimbo Diehl both clicked "Like" on the Donna Forbush comment, "I do not know either of these guys, but I would guess from reading Roland Louis Hansen. remarks that he is a true liberal... They are so quick to take offense at something that is not directed at them.. Whining at the drop of a hat... I read what was posted about politicians and thoroughly agree, I thought it was funny and could not see where it was directed at anyone.. Grow up Rolandl, you sound like a 10 year playground bully..."
Thank you Chris. Thank you, Jimbo.
Like · Reply · August 8 at 8:38pm

Roland Louis Hansen:
Roland Hansen Commentary: Jimbo Diehl on Politicians and Me
Commentary by Roland Hansen of Toledo, Ohio (Lucas...
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CWMartin said...


I think you and I have both acted "thin skinned" on occasion. Maybe it would have been easier to walk away saying nothing. But I know you take a fierce pride in being a politician. Too bad that so many who have "made it" don't. Other than that, all I can say is (unless your original post was heavily edited, which I don't believe), his wife's contention that "You made it personal" is definitely pot-calling-the-kettle-black sensitivity.

In sum: Don't know that I would have fought the battle, but with some of the ones I have, I'm not pitching any stones...

Roland Hansen said...

Thank you for your comments, CWMartin. I appreciate your thoughts in this matter. I assure you that no editing was done; everything was copied and pasted word-for-word.

You are correct -- I could have remained silent and not stirred the pot; however, I could not do so in all good conscience and remain true to my own principles.

Oftentimes, when situations such as this occur and I speak out, I tell people that I do so because I am reminded of the Martin Niemöller poem:
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Many people tell me I cannot use that analogy; but I still do so because I feel and think what I feel and think.

dalepertcheck said...

The real issue is the demonization of politicians. JFK famously used to always list his occupation on forms as "Politician." I cannot remember the quote word-for-word, but JFK said something like this: "Mothers still want their sons to grow up to be president. They just don't want them to be politicians along the way." And that was in the 1950s!

Demonizing politics is a great way to get less participation in the political process. Less participation in general translates into less participation by people who are disadvantaged. By demonizing politics, the right-wingers elect more of their own, and we continue to get government at ALL LEVELS which is not responsive to the needs of the common folks.
And, if you truly believe that only what the federal government does affects us, you are woefully misguided. As far as our daily lives are concerned, we are most affected by local government, which provides police and fire protection, along with garbage collection and road maintenance, among numerous other things. State governments have the greatest control over those little things like schools, prisons, and highways.

Finally, all three branches of the federal government ultimately answer to elected officials. If you don't like those elected officials, the answer is not to be less involved; it is to be more involved! Vote. Work on campaigns. Run for office yourself. Remember the old saying: "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."