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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Xenophobes Fuel The Fires Of Genocide!

As I have previously scribed, Xenophobia Runs Rampart In the U.S.A., Xenophobic Americans Are Not Good Americans! And now, another recent event in the United States of America has fueled the fires of this Roland Hansen Commentary. Read on ... 

The article "Over 200 Demonstrate Against Islam Outside Phoenix Mosque" contained within this embedded link causes me to think about how Nazi Germany rallied against Jewish people resulting in the deaths of six million Jews. Can a new "Kristallnacht" be in the making - this time directed against Islam?

For those unfamiliar with Kristallnacht, you can read and learn about it in the embedded article KRISTALLNACHT courtesy of

While I have no empathy for radical Islamic extremist Muslim terrorists, I refuse to stereotype all followers of Islam and I abhor the prejudice and discrimination targetting all Muslims in general as seems to be the case with the anti-Islam protesters reported in the cited article of the second paragraph here in this Roland Hansen Commentary, and as seems the case with the supporters and sympathisers of those protesting demonstrators. These people, these demonstrators, these protesters voice their negative feelings directed at all Muslims, not just the violent extremist terrorist Muslims.

As I have stated elsewhere, "I believe that killings and violence should and can be condemned without fueling the fires of prejudice, discrimination, or xenphobia. I see no need to mock any person or group of people in the process of condemning senseless violence and/or in the advocacy of peace."

I am of the opinion that persons who condemn Muslims, who advocate anti-Muslim sentiments, who provoke and incite fear and hatred of Muslims are the catalyst for genocide of the followers of Islam.

Fred Vallongo is a very knowledgeable man who I admire and respect. He is a veteran, a case manager, a social worker, an adminstrator, a counselor, a Red Cross volunteer, a thespian, a writer, and a wrestling aficionado, and oh, so much more. I have known Fred Vollongo for approximately 40 years. I would like to share with you a recent statement made by Fred Vollongo in response to my writing about this topic on Facebook:
"The first step to genocide is cultural disrespect. Second step is for that disrespect to be socially sanctioned."


CWMartin said...

I think you are 99.44% percent right on this one. It is hard to hate all Muslims when you work with a sweetheart of a girl from Sudan who's seven months pregnant and as nice a person as you'd want to know. I reserve my cries of stupidity for those stupid enough to deserve it.

I have said before, I do not regard the ISIS morons as religious. They are mass murderers with a cover story, just like the IRA was.

Roland Hansen said...

Thank you, CWMartin, for your comment and your keen ability to think for yourself in this matter.
The fact that you recognize that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) aka Islamic State of Iraq and Syria aka Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) is a terrorist organization and not a religious group by any means tells volumes of your comprehension of the sad state of affairs in which our world finds itself.