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Friday, May 15, 2015

Taxpayer Assistance. Welfare. For Whom The Money Flows.

Facts are facts.

Opinions are opinions.

What is your opinion? Do you favor taxpayer assistance for the poor or taxpayer assistance for the rich?

Taxpayer assistance to public assistance programs, such as: TANF, food stamps (SNAP, EBT, etc.), Medicaid, SSI (for the blind,disabled, and elderly), extended unemployment benefits, etc. benefit low income persons in the lower economic bracket.

Taxpayer assistance in the form of tax credits, tax write-offs, a large variety of government grants, tax abatement, etc. to small businesses, small and big corporations and wealthy individuals benefit high income persons in the higher economic bracket.

What do you favor - welfare for less fortunate individuals or corporate welfare for the wealthy?

You might wish to read Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Subsidies than Social Welfare Programs.


CWMartin said...

Now, here you'll get no argument from me. But corps seem to expect it as the "tribute" for doing business in your state, or here as opposed to overseas. But while some low-income people (probably most) have a conscience about welfare, I doubt scruple-less businesses do. I think there is room for both to be improved.

Roland Hansen said...

CWM: You will get no disagreement from me, either. I agree with you. Small wonders never cease to amaze me - LOL.