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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taking Inventory on Fred LeFebvre of WSPD 1370 AM Radio

I discovered some time ago that quite a few people had been arriving on Roland Hansen Commentary as a result of doing internet web searches for Fred LeFebvre, the talk show guy on WSPD 1370-AM radio in Toledo, Ohio. And, it appears, that continues to be the case. I am able to ascertain these things because of the Feedjit Widget installed on my blog.
(My own Feedjit I have here is such an interesting widget to have. I can see in real time where in the world that people are coming from and what they are lookig at -- and, oh so many other things.)

Well, in order to help those inquiring minds and as a convenience to them, I am placing below embedded links to all Roland Hansen Commentary blog entries that are in regards to Fred LeFebvre:
This has been another public service of Roland Hansen Commentary.

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