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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The American Family: Its Status and State of Affairs

A friend and neighbor of mine in Toledo, Ohio recently posted an interesting message as a 'status update' on her Facebook wall. Her commentary was in regards to what I refer to as "The American Family" which is a subject of interest of mine.

I have copied what she has written word-for-word and am pasting it below for your enlightenment on one person's view:
"I can't believe this $hit people do to their own children today. They ignore, abuse, kill or neglect them over a man, woman or even drugs. If you didn't want kid(s), keep your damn leg's closed and for the man, wrap it up. You can't be that stupid. You know having sex there is a possibility of getting pregnant. People are so ignorant. All these people wishing they could have children and can't and so many of my so called friends and even family don't even take care of their own damn kids. Grand-parent's are raising so many of their grand-kids today. It's so sad. Ignorant people need to wake up and have your $hit taken out or snipped so you can't produce anymore. Your a waste of breath to your own children. Your there when you wanna be or to collect that money because of another parent who has passed or the child has a disability. Sad, Sad Sad.............I should just blast names but they know who they are....They are a sad case.............Sorry just had to vent after seeing, hearing and getting phone calls about some of these sad @ss friends and family."
The comments that she made and the fact that those comments were placed on the social media of Facebook for all her friends and family who are also on Facebook to read, gave me pause and reminded me of quite a few of my own writings that I have scribed on my two blogs, Roland Hansen Commentary and Roland's Ramblings, over the years.

Below are embedded links to quite a few of my blog entries to which I reference for you to read, if you are interested in the topic of "The American Family" and my thoughts on its status and state of affairs, with a couple other tangential thoughts thrown in for good measure:
Now, on another note, you just might like having a lighter read, and if so, go on over to WHY GOD CREATED CHILDREN, (AND IN THE PROCESS GRANDCHILDREN).

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