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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

President Barack Obama. African-American. Birth Certificate.

I received an e-mail a few days ago from a conservative Republican cousin of mine. Actually, it was a "forward" e-mail of something my cousin had received. It was yet another one that YET AGAIN was BASHING PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA.

AND, my cousin sent it to me even though I had previously asked politely and repeatedly that these type of messages BASHING PRESIDENT OBAMA not be sent to me.

Without going into detail about the entire message, let me just share part of it. Here is an excerpt from it:
"Won’t be on ABC< NBCPBS—or have not seen it on FOX either.  Probably afraid to report it. Like his fake birth certificate which lists him as African American,---that term wasn’t even used in 1963."
Now, please, if you will, take a look at these three things in the embedded links I have placed below in my response to that excerpt of the message above:
  1. First Known Use of AFRICAN-AMERICAN - 1855
  2. Where did the term African-American originate?
  3. Birth Certificate - Claim: Barack Obama's birth certificate is a forgery.
Oh, as an aside, if you are interested - and even if you are not interested, I responded to my cousin with my own self-written, individualized personal e-mail that simply stated:
"I do not care for this BS that is just a bunch of political conservative HATE-MONGERING PROPAGANDA BESMIRCHING BARACK OBAMA, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
If you wish, I can also send out crap like this blasting the heck out of  Republican political conservatives. Thus far, I have been patient and have respected individual political opinions including those with which I do not agree. However, my patience has reached the line of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! 
One more Barack Obama Bash and I take off the kid gloves. Forewarned is forearmed."


smrstrauss said...

Actually, Obama's birth certificate does not have "African-American" on it at all. It lists his father's race as AFRICAN, and only African. Not African-American (because, of course, he was not American).

The explanation for the use of the word "African" is simple.

In Hawaii you were allowed to use any word you wanted to describe your race. There was no checklist, and no one stood over you saying what you had to enter. There are entries in Hawaii of people listing their race as “American.” So you were allowed to use any word you wanted.

And what was the word that African exchange students commonly used to describe their race in the 1960s? Answer: African. And what was the word that the officials in Kenya (which was a colony in 1961, known as The Kenya Colony, Kenya for short) used to describe the black residents of their country? Answer: Africans.

CWMartin said...

Despite the warm and fuzzy feelings you know me to have for our President, I'd have to say the whole birth certificate thing is about silly. Of all the things about him (resisting the urge to say "all the things he's perpetrated"), this is by far the most meaningless. John Huntsman fabricated better lies about Herman Cain than all these "fake birth certificates."

Roland Hansen said...

smrstrauss: You are absolutely 100% correct! However, birthers do not care for facts that do not validate their absurd claims.

CWMartin: Knowing your love for B.O., I truly appreciate your perspective on this issue. Thank you very much.

Glen Day said...

The age for Barack Obama Sr. was listed as 25 at the time of the birth, but INS documents show his true age as 27. His true birthdate was June 18, 1934.

Barack Barack Sr. wanted to attend Harvard, for more schooling, and lied about his true age. If Barack Sr. had disclosed his true age of 28, in 1962, Harvard University, could NOT have enrolled him as a foreign student. The rule at the time was foreign students couldn’t be older than age 26 to enroll. The fact Barack Jr's LFBC shows Senior's age as 25 in 1961 and not 27, indicates the birth certificate was forged after 1961. It reveals the forger(s) probably relied on false Harvard enrollment records to age Senior and was unaware of the true and correct INS records when he/she forged the document.