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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bland Boobs

So, there are boobs; and then, there are boobs.
Some boobs even have boobs, such as (WARNING: Adult Content NSFW) this.

I don't know if there can be boobs that are bland; but, I have read about Bland Boobs, as I first wrote in an entry of Roland's Ramblings back on January 30, 2012 and that of which is reproduced below.

Have you read the story about Karina Bland's breasts? Heck, do not look at me that way! The story was written by Karina Bland herself. Do you even know who Karina Bland is or what Karina Bland looks like? Karina Bland is a journalist who is presently writing for The Arizona Republic.

Well, you can connect with Karina Bland on several internet places, such as:
Karina Bland on Twitter
Karina Bland on Facebook Arizona's Home Page on Facebook in which Karina Bland contributes with comments
Karina Bland on LinkedIn

What? You want to read the story about Karina Bland's breasts? Okay, click on over to:
Time to heave this bosom into the right bra
[As an aside, you already know I have my own thoughts about adult women and their breasts, that is, if you have already read what I wrote about female breasts.]

What? You want to know what any of this about Karina Bland has to do with priest sex abuse? Well, the answer to that lies within the following embedded link to:
Priest Sex Abuse: Wwmd?
[Hint - Read the line that immediately follows the title in the embedded link.}
ref:  Karina Bland, Breasts, Priest Sex Abuse

Please do not put me into a booby hutch in order to transport me and to place me into the booby hatch. I think this booby trap of a Roland Hansen Commentary (and, that is The Straight Dope about booby trap) qualifies for the top honors of a booby prize. Don't you?

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