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Friday, October 5, 2012

Car Prices

According to TrueCar, the average new light vehicle sold in September came with a transaction price of $30,282.

Low interest rates and new cars draw buyers in September.

What is the Real Price of a New Car?

Car prices soar, incentives plummet.

Tiny electric Smart car will also have smallest price.

I have a real difficult time accepting what I consider outrageous car prices. I believe that all too often, cars are being manufactured purposefully in such a way as to not be affordable. Automobile manufacturers no longer produce a simple vehicle for transportation; they are more and more into mandatory luxury. For example: Why are power windows on every car? Does that not increase the manufacturing cost and consequently the price to the customer? Why not manufacture and offer a basic car without all the power gizmos, with simple bench seats as opposed to bucket seats, with no radio or music player, no cup holders, etc., etc., etc.???!!!...

Furthermore, I believe the automobile industry from suppliers to manufacturers to sales artificially inflate their costs in order to stick it to the consumer, ergo sticker shock.

So, in keeping with GM alleging that 'nobody' makes money in the new car sales market, I offer you this:

Pay More, Get Arrested Less!

What are your thoughts?

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CWMartin said...

My thought is, I can remember The Price Is Right's first season and a $3,000 car was expensive.