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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cars: American as Apple Pie

The above is my lead-in to this Roland Hansen Commentary entry.

Cars are as American as apple pie. Or are they?

It seems to me that any statement about American cars being as American as Apple Pie is just as controversial as is the debate over the meaning of Apple Pie.

There was a time when speaking of automobiles that a statement using the words "car" and "American" synonymously in the same sentence was right on target. Now, all that can be said is:
American cars have their place in history.
I emphasize "in history" because American cars are no more!

Here, take a look at:
The American-Made Index
By Kelsey Mays,
What Are the Top American-Made Cars?

Thank you to Adam Hansen for bring up the topic in your blog entry:
All American?

Yes, indeed! Cars? American cars? Apple pie? American pie?
Using those statements in the same sentence are as controversial as some people seem to think of some sexual practices.
As American as Apple Pie -- now, that is hard to swallow!

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