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Monday, December 6, 2010

It is Monday. Go Meatless.

After having read the Judy Hansen Commentary Meatless Monday, my curiosity was aroused to learn even more about the Meatless Monday Initiative that has been getting attention.

There has been Meatless Monday in the Media. This whole Meatless Monday thing appears to have been started back in 2003 by the Hopkins School of Public Health.

It used to be that certain Christians had the practice of meatless Fridays; but, that pretty much went by the wayside. Now that there is the movement underfoot to go with Meatless Mondays, even Israelis are jumping on the meatless Mondays bandwagon.

So, people, go meatless. I say go further than just Mondays, though. Save an animal and go meatless every day. Eat Seaweed.

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Jay said...

I actually started eating vegetarian since Dec. 6. So far so good!