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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Toledo, Ohio: The Trash Town

I do not mind paying taxes, I just have nothing but disdain for liars! That is why I have nothing but disgust for City of Toledo decision-makers that jammed a trash tax down the throats of Toledoans. Those (expletive-deletive) worthless, no-good, City of Toledo elected and appointed con artists are despicable!

All the trash talk about Toledo, Ohio is not a bunch of garbage. It is very real. When the trash settles, if it ever does settle, the City of Toledo will be one big garbage heap with trash heading up the helm of elected political non-leadership, backstabbing, lies, dishonesty, and worse. All that will be left in the future ghost town of Toledo will be trash and garbage vultures.

If you read my immediate preceding Roland Hansen Commentary entitled Toledo Garbage Water (er, I mean: Toledo, Garbage, Water) you already have an idea from where I am coming. And if you have not yet read it, go on over to read it now by following the embedded link within its title.

But Wait! There is much more on the topic of Trash In Toledo, or Toledo, The Trash Town, or The Trash Town of Toledo, or whatever your imagination may conceive.
(Hey, the wording makes for a great Google search - or for results from any other web search engine, for that matter.)

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Judy said...

This is one heap of a pile of trash. Let me say here and now that any elected person who does not stand up for what's right will not ever again get my vote. I think it's high time we put a lid on this can of trash and heap it on the doorstep of those in favor of the FEE!

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


I hope that you'll eventually get out of this trash talk and be able to elevate the discourse to a more meaningful level; that is weasels being weasels ;-)

Roland Hansen said...

It's about time we had some REAL leaders in Toledo. It has been far too long since that has been the case.

Mi amigo, Dave. Good to see you back and kicking!

Roland Hansen said...

I am honored to have this Roland Hansen Commentary entry mentioned with an accompanying embedded link over at Chili Dog Blog.

Roland Hansen said...

Oh, look here for the specific Chili Dog Blog entry I mentioned back on June 2, 2010.