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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Caucasian Majority Disappearing in United States

For the past several decades, I have been hearing and reading sociology futurologists profess that the majority population in the United States will no longer be lily-white. First, I had heard futurologists say that the largest minority was no longer going to be Blacks but was going to be Hispanics by 2020 and then Hispanics as the largest minority were going to be replaced by those of Asian background.

The latest stories I have read seem to indicate the accuracy of the futurologists' predictions. I refer you to the following report as cited in several web pages:
Minority births in U.S. rising
More Minority Babies Will Be Born Than White Babies This Year
More Minority Babies Will Be Born In 2010 Than White Babies, Demographers Predict

When I was a young boy, it seemed to me that all the elected officials were older, white males. The civil rights and ERA movements were in full swing during the years that I was a teenager and a young adult. The political landscape has slowly changed over the past 50 years to be more inclusive with more racial and gender representation. While there has indeed been progress in the areas of female and racial minorities participation and representation in American electoral politics, we still have a ways to go. I wish I could live another fifty years to see the gender-blind rainbow of politicians and elected officials in the United States of America. And while I do believe, America has made progress in regards to gender and racial minorities when it comes to electoral politics, I do not believe the same is true when it comes to religion. In my opinion there is a prevailing intolerant attitude in regards to non-Christian religions. Not only have I personally been subjected to religious prejudice and discrimination, I have seen and heard so much religious prejudice and discrimination in all aspects of our American society that it sickens me. As has occured and continues to occur with gender and racial minorities, I can only hope that a much more tolerant attitude with corresponding electoral behavior will also see more inclusion of various ethnicities and religions in political participation and in our elected officials.

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