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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Toledo Ohio to be Rolling in Dough, per Mayor Mike Bell Ringer

Apparently the Mayor of Toledo, Mike Bell, is also a bell ringer and wants the city to be rolling in the dough as I intrepet his actions proposing a major tax increase and providing huge raises in city administrator salaries.

I wonder how Toledoans feel about all this.

Come to think of it, in that I am a retired public administrator and possess a Master in Public Administration, maybe I should return to the workforce. I wonder if Mayor Mike Bell (Ringer) would hire me.


Chili Dog said...

I'm pretty confident you know how I feel about this.

Perhaps we should chip in and buy Mr. Bell a violin so he can play as this city falls down around him.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


This sequence of events can only be best described as a comedy of errors.

How can any mayor facing a ~ $44 mil shortfall announce raises (deserved or not) when he hasn't first addressed getting spending under control, show what surplus/excess city assets Toledo should have on the "for sale" block and what wage/compensation have been attained (either through negotiations OR through job cuts), before granting previously withheld fair compensation to ANYONE!

These major gaffs (along with the proposed payroll tax increases) may all be seen as putting the cart before the horse..., way before the horse...

The method of handling this may just make for an unrecoverable fatal error.

Tim Higgins said...

I suspect that there are days in the last couple of months when that State Fire Marshall gig looks pretty damn good.

That being said, I see our new mayor riding with the four horsemen of the Toledo apocalypse:
- Raise the city income tax
- Raise every fee in sight
- Count on revenue sources currently either under court challenge or facing it
- Sell off property in a horrible real estate market with no thought of the recurring debt

And while your talents would no doubt serve the new administration well, wisdom would seem to dictate that you allow this Bell ringer to fly solo. Anyone who touches this bell is liable to end up looking like Quasimodo.