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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Joe McNamara Press Release becomes a Debate between Dale Pertcheck and Lisa Renee Ward on Term Limits

I find it rather interesting that a press release by Toledo city councilman Joe McNamara announcing his candidacy for the Ohio State Senate became a two person debate between Dale Pertcheck and Lisa Renee Ward concerning term limits.

Take a look see at McNamara makes it official on Senate run... to see and read that of which I address.

It is yet just one more example of how one topic on a blog can become hijacked by one individual into becoming something entirely different than the original posted topic and then also become monopolized. It also is another example of how a blog can receive high ratings that are the result of many hits and comments, but the numbers are really misleading because the many hits and comments are really from a few people. Regardless, it seems to me that such discussions are more appropriate on electonic bulletin boards with message threads concerning the specific topic under discussion.

I have commented many times previously on the topic of hijacking on blogs. Click on my previously written words "trying to divert and hijack the topic of my commentary" for just one example of that to which I allude and reference.


Tim Higgins said...


When seeing this kind of thing, it makes you understand why hijacking is considered a form of terrorism.

Roland Hansen said...

From the monitoring software, it is rather interesting to know who all has read this and yet no comments from some very particular people of whom I am thinking. Makes me wonder. Hmmm. Very interesting, indeed.

Roland Hansen said...

Oh, btw, Tim, your comment is so apropos. Thank you very much for the astuteness for which you have consistently demonstrated.