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Monday, November 30, 2009

Elected Officials, Government Leaders, and Civil Service Employees

You know, there are a lot of political bloggers out there in cyberland from whom readers may gain a wide variety of perspectives. However, it is not uncommon for political bloggers (yours truly included), along with their readership who may comment back, along with everyday common folks outside the blogosphere to lambast our elected officials, government leaders, and civil service employees.

Quite frankly, while I understand much of the negative commentary and criticism, I also believe much of it to be misplaced. Oftentimes, I read comments from people who seem not to fully understand the American political system, the processes and operations of government, and the restraints of working in the public sector. All too often, I read comments from people who just want to tear down, but not build up. It is my opinion that a calling to be of public service is honorable. Furthermore, I think that many people fail to recognize the sincerity and selflessness that many of our elected officials and government employees bring forth in their service to our local, state, national, and international communities.

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I appreciate those who answer the public calling to serve our community and nation, including those with whom I may disagree. Public service is much maligned. It's about time people took the time and effort to understand and recognize and (YES) appreciate the truly remarkable job that elected officials, government leaders, and civil service employees do in the service of this great nation of ours.

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Tim Higgins said...


I would agree that public service, at least as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, was a laudable pursuit. I would argue however, that it has been largely perverted in today's politics.

While I believe that there are those who enter politics with altruistic motives, far more simply seek the comfort provided by such a position and the exercise of power over others.

The call to Public Service may indeed be honorable and it may indeed be much maligned, but I believe that the greater fault for this lies with the large number of sad examples of such service than with those looking from the outside.