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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Marc Dann: Charter School Buster!

It's about time someone was bold enough to go after failing Ohio community schools!
Read about Marc Dann going after these failing schools.
The term "community school" is the official terminology for publicly-funded, privately operated schools in Ohio. Some people simply refer to these schools as charter schools. The reality is that government-run traditional public schools are chartered by the State of Ohio, as are parochial private schools.
Regardless of the name, community schools in Ohio have been experimenting with our children's education and have been doing so pretty much unchecked. Why in the world did Ohio start this mess, anyway? The word at the time was that these schools might be able to do a better job than traditional public schools if they could operate without all the strings and mandates that are imposed unto our traditional public schools in Ohio. Why did the Ohio General Assembly just not allow traditional public schools the same leeway?
When the legislation creating community charter schools in Ohio was first enacted, there was a provision that called for a study of review and assessment after the first five years. Guess what? That never happened. However, each start-up school was given thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars just for planning the school.
Did any new traditional public school get any start-up planning money? No.
Why did the State Legislature not revamp the entire public education system in Ohio, rather than creating another bureaucratic level of schools in Ohio? The Ohio General Assembly has abrogated its State constitutionally-mandatedresponsibility for providing a thorough and efficient public eduction system. The Ohio General Assembly has even ignored the decisions and orders of the Ohio State Supreme Court. Not once; not twice; but, three times!
I say the entire Ohio General Assembly should be held in contempt of court with each state legislator fined as an individual on a daily basis until the state legislature complies with the Ohio Supreme Court ruling, and that the Ohio General Assembly be sequestered until it does enact legislation in compliance with the decision of the Court.
Get rid of the band-aid approach, and don't fix the broken system, either.
Get rid of the present system of public education in Ohio and reinvent it in its entirety!
Incidentally, as long as the community charter schools do exist in the State of Ohio, let's do all that we can to see that they succeed. Let's close those that are failing! And while we are at it, let's also close any government traditional public school that is failing! Let's do it for the kids!

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