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Friday, November 9, 2007

Hooda Thunkit's Therapy Blog: On Yesterday's Shameful Tax Levy Elections...

I thought Hooda Thunkit's comments regarding tax levy issues, voter turnout, etc. to be quite thought-provoking.
In my opinion, the overall issue is that a minority of registered voters are able to effectively make public policy decisions for the entire population. That's how it works and it is legal. Nonvoters made the conscious decision not to participate in the electoral process. Ergo, people who do not vote get what they deserve. They need not whine to me. Bellyachers and crybabies who do not vote should all go live in a dictatorship. Then they can cry, whine, bellyache, and kvetch all they want.
Take a look at Hooda Thunkit's Therapy Blog: On Yesterday's Shameful Tax Levy Elections...


Hooda Thunkit said...



Further, whenever I hear anyone complain about how any vote went or about any particular politician, I immediately ask IF they voted. If the answer is no (a very likely answer, particularly in these parts), I less than politely tell them to shut up, as they have (or had) no say in the matter.

I only listen to and tolerate the whining/machinations of REAL voters.

Furthermore, Judy had a great idea about how to encourage more people to vote, and I agree wholeheartedly!

Read about Judy's idea here.

The mere thought that so few voters get to decide what we will all end up paying to support, because they just happen to like the idea makes my blood boil!

Roland Hansen said...

Let's ship all the nonvoters to Afghanistan.

Roland Hansen said...

I have placed an embedded link in the sentence reproduced below that was originally made by Hooda Thunkit in his November 9, 2007 comment:

"Read about Judy's idea here."

Click on the word "here" and you will be taken to the idea in the blog entry of Judy's Jewels.