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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ben Konop: Lucas County Commissioner Opens Can Of Worms

Hmmm. I have made a couple of commentaries in the past in regards to Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop, specifically on August 22, 2007 and on October 11, 2007.
Well, today is yet one more; and, it is related to the October 11 commentary. Ben Konop has pounded away at the operations, effectiveness, and efficiency of the Lucas County Improvement Corporation (LCIC) and its CEO Shawn Ferguson. While I, myself, have questioned the way about which Ben Konop initially began his foray into the LCIC issue, I also applauded the resolution that he brought before the Board of Lucas County Commissioners regarding the LCIC as the proper procedure to follow and of the appropriateness of the resolution as a means of holding the LCIC accountable.
Now, there has been another interesting development in this saga as reported in this newspaper article regarding the sudden resignation of Shawn Ferguson as the chief executive of the Lucas County Improvement Corporation.
Some persons, mostly of the opposite political party from the one of which Ben Konop is associated) have questioned his motives and have put forth some speculation as to his political agenda on this issue. Quite frankly, I could care less about Ben Konop's political motivation as long as the public is the prime beneficiary of Ben Konop's efforts, and as long as Ben Konop's actions are proper and legal.

P.S. How can I get Ben Konop or anyone else to put the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and its Toledo Express Airport operations under the same microscope as is the Lucas County Improvement Corporation? The Toledo Express Airport operation has been sadly lacking for many, many years. For the amount of public funds involved with the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and the airport, there ought to be far more accountability, efficiency, effectiveness, and results. Decades have passed with little or no noticeable improvement.


Christopher said...


I am afraid you are giving Ben far too much credit here. This is all Blade. This is all that contract.

Konop brought the LCIC into the news because Ferguson and Gerken ignored him. Subsequently, Konop and his pet reporter Vardon got on the LCIC.

Ferguson took the fall for Gerken. For now.

Roland Hansen said...

The saga of Ben Konop and the LCIC continues.
Take a look at this.

Roland Hansen said...

The LCIC saga just keeps getting deeper and deeper.
Now, there appears to be another fiasco coming to the public eye.
Apparently, the LCIC Board just goes along with things without doing the necessary homework. Is this type of boardmanship responsible?
Read this.

Roland Hansen said...

Glass City Jungle has this to report on Toledo City elected officials' view of the LCIC.

Roland Hansen said...

LCIC now has an interim CEO.