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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Workers Unite! All workers deserve to be paid a decent living wage.

Mechanic's Life (@mechanics.life2016) on Facebook posted a meme that stated:
"Share if you think Mechanics should be paid more than McDonalds workers."

Several people of whom I know re-posted the meme and others who I also know clicked onto the "Like" icon and/or commented favorably in support of the meme.

Well, here is a copy and paste of the response from me to an "friend" of mine who had re-postedthe meme on his Facebook wall:
Roland Louis Hansen - I believe everyone should receive a decent living wage above the poverty line and above the income level that qualifies people for food stamps. I would rather pay more in the private marketplace for goods and services than to pay more in taxes for welfare programs needed to supplement poverty level wages paid by employers who exploit working men and women. That being said, rather than put any group of workers down, I say pull all workers up. We need not pit one worker group over another in place of advocating for the betterment of all.
I say Workers Unite!
"Workers Uniting is the name of the new international union created by Unite - the biggest union in the UK and Republic of Ireland and the United Steelworkers (USW), North America's largest private sector union."
Follow the embedded link to visit and explore the website of Workers Uniting.

The problem as I see it, however, is that many people are competing with other people on the issue of wages and benefits rather than joining together in co-operative efforts. Instead of uniting for the protection and advancement of the mutual interests of all working men and women, workers in one or another occupation are, in fact, belittling workers in different other occupatious.

I ask that you read (just follow the embedded link contained therein):
Why Workers Won’t Unite

It is my opinion that the wages and benefits of American workes have declined as a result of the decline in American labor union membership.

I read an interesting article that started out with "Union membership has plummeted in the U.S., from nearly one-third of workers 50 years ago to one in 10 American workers today."
To read the rest of that article, go on over to:
The incredible decline of American unions, in one animated map, Ana Swanson, Wonkblog, The Washington Post, February 24, 2015.

I could go on and on about all this, but instead of that, I just would like to recommend you read each of the following (embedded links contained within each title):

Friday, December 2, 2016

Put CHRIST back in Christmas

Here we are in the year 2016; and, The War on Christmas has begun once again!

As a person of the Jewish religion, I am so frustrated by the deluge of people offended by the greeting Happy Holidays" who clamor all over the place with the battle cry "Put CHRIST back in Christmas."

Why does this controversial non-controversy happen each and every year?

The religious holiday (as in HOLY day) of Christmas is observed by Christians, not non-Christians. A Christian may observe Chanukah without violating his or her own Christian belief; but, a Jewish person cannot observe Christmas without violating his or her own Jewish belief.

I am aware of many people who are prejudiced, racist, anti-LGBT, xenophobic that are extremely assertive that Americans need to "Put CHRIST back in Christmas." To them, I put forth the following meme:

The truly religious and observant Christian has always put CHRIST in Christmas! Christ has never been removed from Christmas.

So, what does the phrase "Put CHRIST back in Christmas" really mean? For the answer to that question, I implore you to read the article as embedded within its title:
What Do We Mean By 'Putting Christ Back in Christmas'?
By Phillip Larsen 12-05-2013
That all being said, I now wish to shout out:
To all my Christian friends, I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The USA Should Adopt The Danish Health Care System

Awhile back I published a Roland Hansen Commentary entitled Obama Basher Spinners that addressed a concern I had regarding those people who just wanted to belittle and demonize President Barack Obama with reckless disregard to truth and who routinely dismissed and criticized anyone who did not subscribe to the "Obama Basher" perspective.

In that commentary, I reproduced a photo originally published by "Right Wing News" that was shared on Facebook by Pat Benson, a former high school classmate of mine from the early and mid 1960s. The link to that photo no longer works in that commentary. However, the rest of my commentary remains intact.

If you go over to read it, you will see that I wrote of an exchange I had with Pat Benson on Facebook in which the topic of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the Danish Health System was broached. In the exchange, I suggested that she "and everyone else take a look at the health care system of Denmark." I further stated "The simple thrust of what I have written is that I wish the issue of adequate, sufficient, and affordable health care for all Americans would have been made available throughout the years."

It has been and still remains my firm belief that the United States of America should revise its health care system to be more like The Danish Health Care System. [Please open the preceding embedded link to read about the Danish health care system.]

I would also like to suggest the following for further reading:

OPINION, The Denver Post
Health care in Denmark
September 3, 2009 

THE BLOG, The Huffington Post
What Can We Learn From Denmark?
Sen. Bernie Sanders 
U.S. Senator from Vermont

Come January 20, 2017, the new incoming United States Congress and President-Elect Donald Trump have the opportunity to revise the Affordable Care Act.

When President-Elect Donald Trump takes office, the right wing of American politics will be in control of all three branches of government in the United States of America.

I wonder if they, these right wing politicos, have the chutzpah, have the concern for ALL Americans, and have the political fortitude to do the right thing by modeling the American Health Care system after that of Denmark.

As I entitled this Roland Hansen Commentary,
The USA Should Adopt The Danish Health Care System

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Electoral College Elects The President of The United States of America

The people of the United States of America do not elect the President.

It is the Electoral College that elects the President of The United States of America.

The Electoral College was established in 1787. The framers of the Constitution of the United States of America considered a variety of ways in whih to elect the President and Vice President. They debated whether the President should be elected by a vote of Congress or whether the President should be selected by the State Legislatures or whether the President should be elected by a direct vote of the people. The ultimate decision was a compromise that was a unique blending of approaches; the framers chose on using the Electoral College for the election of the President of the United States of America.

Incidentally, the Electoral College is a not a place, it is a process.

Further Reading:
Presidential Election Process
What is the purpose of the electoral college?
Presidential Election Laws

The 2016 Presidential Election

"For the fifth time in U.S. history, and the second time this century, a presidential candidate has won the White House while (apparently) losing the popular vote."
And now for the rest of that story, go on over to read:
Trump’s victory another example of how Electoral College wins are bigger than popular vote ones

The fact of the matter is that Hillary Clinton did not win the majority of the popular vote. A majority of the vote would require obtaining at least one vote more than fifty percent of the total vote. While Hillary Clinton did receive more of the popular vote than Donald Trump, she still only won approximately 47.7 percent of the ballots cast for President of the United States of America; but, that is not a majority; Hillary Clinton got a plurality of the popular vote.
ref: Latest Popular Vote Results 2016: Hillary Clinton Has Almost 400,000 More Votes Than Winner Donald Trump

And to be perfectly clear on a very important point, HILLARY CLINTON DID NOT GET A MAJORITY VOTE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. The plain and simple fact remains that only 56 percent of the American voting-eligible population turned out to vote. That means that only about 26.7 percent of the American voting age public actually cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton for President this year.

But, Donald Trump supporters need not gloat over his win of the Electoral College vote for President. There is NO MANDATE FOR DONALD TRUMP. The fact is that fewer than 26 percent of the American voting age public cast their ballots for Donald Trump to become President of the United States of America.

In regards to the two immediately preceding paragraphs, I suggest you read:
Why did Trump win? In part because voter turnout plunged.
By Paul Waldman

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Donald Trump In Comparison With President Barack Obama

Gee, I wonder how politically conservative Obama Bashers rationalize their support for Donald Trump to be the President of the United States of America upon examination of Mr. Trump's character.

Upon looking at Donald Trump's lifelong record of his personal and professional business life, how anyone could make a personal recommendation of Donald Trump for President is beyond my understandiing.

After close examination of the curriculum vitae of Donald Trump, writing a letter of reference for the position of Dog Catcher isn't even in order.

Donald Trump in any position of public trust is unfathomable to me!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Is Donald Trump A Racist?

Quite awhile ago, I came across some interesting reading regarding Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican Party nominee for President of the United States of America, and racism.

Given that the first debate between Donald Trump and the Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton, for the upcoming 2016 Presidential election was held last evening, I thought I would make reference to that of which I had read regarding Donald Trump and racism.
In his 1991 book Trumped!, the former president of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, John R. O’Donnell, recalled Trump declaring that “laziness is a trait in blacks,” and exclaiming: “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” Trump acknowledged in a Playboy interview (5/97; cited Huffington Post, 4/29/11), “The stuff O’Donnell wrote about me is probably true.”
Did you go over to read the article that I have referenced? If so, I have a question for you.
Is Donald Trump a racist? 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A YouTube Video Explains Why Facebook Is Detrimental To Your Life!

If that is not enough to convince you why Facebook is detrimental to your life, then take a look at the Google search results for the phrase "Facebook ruins" where you will find lots of interesting reading about the negative impacts of Facebook use.

You might also be interested in something I published here on Roland Hansen Commentary back on Monday, July 20, 2009; just go on over to read:
Social Network Services Diminish Family Life And Friendships

What do you think?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Driver Beware!

It happened to me again, today! 

While heading north on a major street, a driver pulled out from the side street to the right of me to make a left turn heading south while crossing in front of my path. Had I not suddenly braked, I would have t-boned him/her.

It seems that not one single day of me driving from one place to another does not result with some other driver abruptly pulling in front of me, cutting me off, turning left in front of me coming from the opposite direction, making a left turn in front of me from the lane to my right that is going the same direction, or even making right turn in front of me (from the lane to the left of me going in the same direction), tailgating me and riding my bumper, weaving in and out of traffic, turning from a side street into (and driving in) the center lane for left turns while trying to merge into a traffic lane that goes straight ahead, sitting at a green traffic light while texting or on a cell phone, weaving in lanes while texting or on a cell phone, slowing down in fast traffic while texting or on a cell phone, not pulling over for emergency vehicles with lights flashing and sirens sounding, etc., etc. The list goes on and on and on!

Years ago, these types of things happened from time to time; but nowadays, it seems as though they happen on a regular occurrence. Nowadays, it seems that bad drivers are everywhere all the time!

Why Are U.S. Drivers So Bad?

Bill Griffith has written 18 annoying habits of chronically bad drivers that you may wish to read.

You may also wish to read 5 Types of Terrible Drivers: A Dossier from a 1955 Driver’s Ed Manual by Brett & Kate McKay.

All I can say is:
Driver Beware!