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Saturday, November 22, 2014

USPS. United States Postal Service. Going Postal with the Post Office Misfeasance.

Back in January 2003, I bought a second home in the Southwest part of the USA (metropolitan Phoenix Arizona area) that is approximately 2000 miles away from my main residence in Northwest Ohio (Toledo, Ohio). Since that time, I have spent most of the winter months in my second home in a climate where the winter weather is sunny and warm as opposed to the cold, snowy weather in the climate of my primary residence.

At first, I had no problems with the United States Postal Service with the forwarding and the delivery of my mail. As a matter of fact, the Post Office did a fantastic job. Indeed, for many, many, many years, I had always proclaimed that the United States Postal Service was the greatest in the world, that the U.S. Post Office was a fine-tuned, efficient organization with excellent service.

Then, things changed! Now, for the past several years or so, I have had an annual problem with getting correct delivery of my mail from the United States Post Service. I have tried over the years to alleviate problems with the delivery of my mail by several means, such as making change of addresses with the senders of my mail, making change of addresses with the Post Office in person and by electronic means that the USPS had suggested, not making any change of address but having others check my mail at my main residence, etc. Over the past few years, both my wife and I have spoken with USPS officials by telephone and in person.

Last year, I made no change of address, but it was such a hassle to keep informed on the mail being delivered to my primary residence that I tried the temporary change of address to my secondary address with the U.S. Post Office again this year. Well, guess what!!!


I am royally UPSET to no end.
I JUST NOW (today) received an e-mail from my brother, Daryl, who has lived with my wife, Judy, and me in our primary residence since September 2009. Daryl informed me that the Post Office in Toledo, Ohio stopped forwarding my USPS mail from Toledo to my winter Mesa, Arizona home as of November 8 --- TWO WEEKS AGO!!! The Post Office was given a temporary change of address back at the end of October that was supposed to be good for 6 months. Not only did the Post Office stop forwarding my mail, but they stopped delivering it to my Toledo address, as well; Daryl wrote me in the e-mail that the Post Office now has all mail for Judy and me on hold.

Here is what Daryl wrote me:
"Mail Man Just informed me that for what ever reason the mail forwarding stop November 8th, and will have to be re-done again by you to forward what they have Now on hold - So They said you'll have to fill out on line or how ever you wish to do it but to do another mail forwarding request.So Far they have Mail on hold until you do the change again. Why This happens he's not sure."

I wish I had known about the problem two weeks ago. I have no idea why I had not been informed of any problems. Why was I not called? Why did the carrier in either of my two locations not check with my wife or me? Why does the Post Office think it has the power to hold my mail and not deliver it?? I am totally disgusted. Anger is not a strong enough word to express what I am feeling. At least I am lucky that I got the e-mail about this -- heck, I do not have internet access at my second house; all I have is internet access at the public library and at wi-fi hot spots. What am I to do if there is crucially important mail sitting at the Toledo Post Office???

Stroke, move over; heart attack, here I come!!!

Why is the United States Postal Service so inept?
Why is the United States Postal Service so incompetent?
Why is the misfeasance of the United States Postal Service allowed to continue?

I do believe that I have aptly entitled this Roland Hansen Commentary:
USPS. United States Postal Service. Going Postal with the Post Office Misfeasance.

Friday, November 14, 2014

U.S.A. Election 2014, American-style. The general American public gets the government it deserves!

I want to open with a quote from a previous Roland Hansen Commentary that I wrote on May 8, 2010:
Informed voters do not always get what they deserve; ill-informed voters do get what they deserve; and, non voters do not deserve anything!

Here's another. Back on October 5, 2011, I wrote the Roland Hansen Commentary, American Democracy Threatened, that started out with this:
Back on March 2, 2007, I wrote a Roland's Ramblings (my other blog) in which I stated: "we in the United States of America are in jeopardy of having our representative democracy form of government destroyed."

Now, let's put those two quotes and blog entries into perspective as it relates to the General Elections held across the United States in November of 2014. Open and read the following:
From the The New York Times - The Worst Voter Turnout in 72 Years, By THE EDITORIAL BOARD, NOV. 11, 2014.
From The Washington PostVoter turnout in 2014 was the lowest since WWII By Jose A. DelReal November 10.
From PBS NewsHour - 2014 midterm election turnout lowest in 70 years, BY DOMENICO MONTANARO, RACHEL WELLFORD AND SIMONE PATHE,  November 10, 2014.

Many voters proudly proclaim to be independents, not being aligned with either of the two major political parties in the United States of America. But, if you recall, back on May 18, 2009  I wrote the Roland Hansen CommentaryIndependents and Politics: An Oxymoron.

Then, there are the idiot moron anonymous trolls like mud_rake who wrote. "You, Mr. Hansen, are also a political hack ..."

Some people have an overall low opinion of elected officials and of politicians in general. Perhaps, you may remember when I wrote the Roland Hansen CommentaryPoliticians: Before And After Being Elected. What do you think?, back on March 18, 2014.

Quite a few folks do not think we need government. Back on April 23, 2010, I addressed the issue when I penned the Roland Hansen Commentary, Government: Do we need it?

So? What of this election just held earlier this month. What of the results? What of the affected American public. About half of the voting age American public is even registered to vote. And of that one-half of the voting age American public, just slightly over one-third actually voted, i.e. about 17% of the voting age populace. That means in a one-on-one election where the election result is determined by a simple majority, the winner was determined by 8.5 % plus one vote of the entire American voting age population,
AND, that is why this Roland Hansen Commentary is entitled
U.S.A. Election 2014, American-style. The general American public gets the government it deserves!

Now, I close with this Roland Hansen Commentary of August 12, 2007 (Open it to read the commentary):
Whiny Nonvoters Should Shush Up 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Twitter. Bill Lucas. Buckeye. BuckeyeCable. Buckeye CableSystem.

I really do not need to write much here on Roland Hansen Commentary regarding the CRAP of Buckeye CableSystem in Toledo, Ohio.

Really. All you need do is to go over to read the Bill Lucas Twitter feed on the subject of Buckeye CableSystem where you may also read my comments.

More over here.

Remember my 'Hello Peggy' Roland Hansen Commentary about Buckeye CableSystem?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Maggie Thurber states, "Toledo Public Schools blatantly violating the law ..."

Preface: This commentary is in regards to comments made in regards to the city school system administration in Toledo, Ohio. 

Maggie Thurber in a comment introducing a photo that she placed on Facebook stated, "Toledo Public Schools blatantly violating the law by putting levy signs on school property... Even after I called the Superintendent's to warn them they were violating the law."

In that same message thread, she further wrote, "I gave them more than 3 weeks to get the signs down, which is plenty of time considering they shouldn't have been put up in the first place."

Then she wrote a bit more to which I responded, "I agree with the statement about Toledo Public Schools (Toledo Board of Education) made by Maggie Thurber, i.e. 'When an organization wants us to give them more money, they should play by the rules in that endeavor. It's against the law to use any public resources to promote a ballot issue. They were told in previous campaigns that it was illegal. They were told three weeks ago it was illegal and I was assured they would remove the signs. If they can't keep their word on such a basic issue, it raises issues of trust for everything else.' "

Here, in that the message thread is posted as public, you may read the entire thing for yourself; just open this embedded link:
Maggie Thurber Facebook Posting, Monday, October 20, 2014, 4:41 p.m.

I would really like to see Maggie Thurber (former member of the Board of Lucas County Commisioners and former Toledo Municipal Clerk of Court) write about that issue over on her blog, Thurber's Thoughts.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

News Flash! Toledo, Ohio. Michael S. Miller Of Toledo Free Press Shoots From The Hip, Takes Pot Shots At Toledoans.

Michael S. Miller, editor-in-chief and co-publisher of the Toledo, Ohio community newspaper Toledo Free Press, has resigned his position and is leaving Toledo, Ohio. In doing so, he has penned a farewell epistle in which he took a few parting pot shots at Toledoans. The following excerpts are quotes from that written goodbye piece that has been published in the Toledo Free Press.
"Few experiences foster sentiment like an unexpected goodbye, but as I leave Toledo Free Press — and Toledo — the past few weeks have paradoxically blessed me with great clarity."

"... I have also had to battle a number of absolute creeps and cowards who seek only personal advancement at the expense of the greater community. There are corrupt elected officials, wicked and greedy leeches in the business community, incompetent pay-for-play media practitioners, Judas betrayers, car dealers who prey on economically challenged customers but don’t pay their own bills, weak-willed academics, spineless news anchors and gutter-dwelling errand boys who contribute to the attitudes that rot this ... city at its core. There are people walking among us so warped by their own ambition and hypocrisy that their souls are hopelessly smothered under spider webs of lies and delusion."

"... I have long lamented that Toledoans often chose comfort over ambition. Our people cling to a substandard status quo rather than take risks today that could lead to a better tomorrow for all of us."

"... the corruption that has enveloped so many prominent Toledoans and inhibits Toledo’s growth and prosperity."

"... I refuse to calcify. I refuse to allow a lowest-common-denominator attitude to define my life."
Toledo Free Press
Written by Michael Miller | Editor in Chief

What do you think of that? Was it nasty enough? What do you think of Michael Miller writing in such bellicose terms?

Oh, so you think I have only given part of the story, eh! Well, you are, in fact, correct. For the entire story, read the entire article for yourself; all you need do is follow the embedded link contained within the reference citation.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Steve Kapner, Expert on American Government and Politics - NOT!

Quotes from Steve Kapner:
... we see brother against brother, friends and family divided, a line in the sand marked clearly as Big Government vs. Individual Citizens. (Feds vs. Rebs) I stand with the Right.
Keep changing the name eventually you'll fool someone.

Now A Spelling Lesson
The last four letters in American..........I Can
The last four letters in Republican........I Can
The last four letters in Democrats.........Rats
End of lesson
I believe our country was built by men and women who fought against the tyranny of socialism, who came to an unknown world to find freedom and liberty; This desire, this need to be free burned deeply in their hearts. This desire burns deeply in me as well.

ref: TWO DEMOCRATS ON AN ESCALATOR, Facebook entry by Steve Kapner,
initially posted September 28, 2014.

If you look at the comments contained within the thread following the video, you will note one of my comments in which I stated:
Most people are lacking in knowledge when it comes to understanding government and politics. They allow their own preconceived perceptions and personal opinions override factual information; their practice of selective reasoning interferes with an informed mind.

Immediately after having written and pubishing this Roland Hansen Commentary, I placed a link to it on my Twitter feed and on my Google+ page. I then posted a link to my Twitter entry onto the message thread of Steve Kapner as referenced in my blog entry.

A few hours later, this is what has happened:
The following was delivered to my e-mail but was removed by its author as a comment to this thread:
Steve Kapner also commented on his video.
Steve Kapner
October 9 at 7:22pm
Roland Louis Hansen . Are you off your medication again.
Upon several attempts to read the message in the thread to which it was attached, I received the following message from Facebook:
This content is currently unavailable
The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.
In addition to that, I can no longer view the Facebook page of Steve Kapner while I am logged into Facebook. Nor can I send a Facebook private message to Steve Kapner. If I could message him through Facebook or if I had an e-mail address for him, this is what I would write to him:
I see you have blocked me from your Facebook wall and that while logged into Facebook I am not allowed to view the public posting to which I commented and to which I linked in a blog entry of mine; nor am I allowed to further comment on that Facebook message thread which is your pathetic excuse of political analyses that are really perverted convoluted diatribes lacking in factual scholarly research with accompanying objective supportive data. You can dish it out, but not take it, eh? Is censorship your way of handling those with whom you disagree? And you assert you do not want the government to do that very same sort of thing!
In that I cannot send him that message, I guess I will just have to be content with having provided this update to my commentary.

Oh! Incidentally, I have also learned that the posting that I had made on that message thread of Steve Kapner as referenced in my blog entry containing the link to my Twitter entry was removed by Steve Kapner.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Yom Kippur. Rabbi Jason Miller's Blog: Paying for High Holiday Tickets

Tonight begins Yom Kippur. I have previously written of Yom Kippur over at my Roland's Ramblings blog.

With Yom Kippur now upon us, I am reminded of a blog entry recently scribed by Rabbi Jason Miller over at his blog - AND of my own comment in response to it that failed to get a response from the Rabbi.

Go check it out for yourself over at:
Rabbi Jason Miller's Blog ( Paying for High Holiday Tickets