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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Toledo, Ohio: Washington Local Board of Education; Patrick Hickey, Superintendent; Washington Local School District. Embarrassment. Scandal. Shame.

Back on December 27, 2015, I published a Roland Hansen Commentary entitled Patrick Hickey. Toledo, Ohio: Washington Local School District. Superintendent. Saga, Legacy, Scandal, Shame? If you follow the embedded link contained within its title, you may read all kinds of interesting information contained within the blog entry's embedded links that are contained therein.

Yet again, here in Toledo, Ohio, the saga of embarrassment, scandal, and shame has raised its ugly head in the Washington Local School District. The Washington Local Board of Education that bought off its superintendent, Patrick Hickey, for an approximate quarter of a million dollars ("In December, Mr. Hickey accepted a separation agreement that will pay him more than $200,000 in exchange for leaving the district two years before his contract expires." Attribution cited in embedded links below) has now banned Mr. Hickey from all school property (ref: BOARD RESOLUTION – APPROVED 2/13/2016) including any school events in which his own children are participants.

Meanwhile, there are outdoor signs in the form of billboards that promote Patrick Hickey.

You may read more about the Toledo, Ohio Washington Local Schools community embarrassment, scandal and shame in the following embedded links:

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