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Thursday, November 19, 2015

American Conservative Thinking on Syrian Refugees. WWJS?


What would Jesus say to Americans who want to deny admission of Syrian refugees into the United States of America?
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CWMartin said...

So glad you can reduce legit concerns about your country's safety into cute little quips. We just had a discussion about a meme about the Tennessee killer being a refugee. In fact he was a migrant, brought over by his parents and attempting to get a Palestinian visa. So you tell me- what is the difference between a "refugee" and a "immigrant", if the end result is a person who blames the very country he is coming to for causing the bloodshed HIS people are causing? People have a right to protect their families, whether they are actual Americans or naturalized citizens or immigrants. Equal rights, yes? So what is wrong with a proper vetting of them? Because if you and your President don't get this through your heads, sooner or later an actual innocent refugee is going to be killed out of fear- fear that could have been allayed if you weren't too busy playing PC to assure YOUR countrymen that they were safe.

CWMartin said...

BTW, you might want to work on your title. What gives you the expertise to tell someone what a conservative thinks when you refuse to hear a conservative's real concerns?