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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

News Flash! Toledo, Ohio. Michael S. Miller Of Toledo Free Press Shoots From The Hip, Takes Pot Shots At Toledoans.

Michael S. Miller, editor-in-chief and co-publisher of the Toledo, Ohio community newspaper Toledo Free Press, has resigned his position and is leaving Toledo, Ohio. In doing so, he has penned a farewell epistle in which he took a few parting pot shots at Toledoans. The following excerpts are quotes from that written goodbye piece that has been published in the Toledo Free Press.
"Few experiences foster sentiment like an unexpected goodbye, but as I leave Toledo Free Press — and Toledo — the past few weeks have paradoxically blessed me with great clarity."

"... I have also had to battle a number of absolute creeps and cowards who seek only personal advancement at the expense of the greater community. There are corrupt elected officials, wicked and greedy leeches in the business community, incompetent pay-for-play media practitioners, Judas betrayers, car dealers who prey on economically challenged customers but don’t pay their own bills, weak-willed academics, spineless news anchors and gutter-dwelling errand boys who contribute to the attitudes that rot this ... city at its core. There are people walking among us so warped by their own ambition and hypocrisy that their souls are hopelessly smothered under spider webs of lies and delusion."

"... I have long lamented that Toledoans often chose comfort over ambition. Our people cling to a substandard status quo rather than take risks today that could lead to a better tomorrow for all of us."

"... the corruption that has enveloped so many prominent Toledoans and inhibits Toledo’s growth and prosperity."

"... I refuse to calcify. I refuse to allow a lowest-common-denominator attitude to define my life."
Toledo Free Press
Written by Michael Miller | Editor in Chief

What do you think of that? Was it nasty enough? What do you think of Michael Miller writing in such bellicose terms?

Oh, so you think I have only given part of the story, eh! Well, you are, in fact, correct. For the entire story, read the entire article for yourself; all you need do is follow the embedded link contained within the reference citation.


CWMartin said...

On the surface, he sounds like a man more willing to bitch about a problem than to do anything about it. Maybe, I'm wrong, maybe he tried and failed. In that case, it seems like his first concern should have been for the citizens still there, still trying to "fight the power". But that smacked of a pat of self-pity on the back. If I were a Toledoan, I'd be replying, "Don't let the screen door hit you."

Chili Dog said...


I want names.

Roland Hansen said...

CW Martin: Having the information I have, I would say that Michael Miller like to take his pot shots from the sidelines. In all the years he was at Toledo Free Press, he talked big but rarely took any constructive action. Writing is easy for people like Michael Miller.
Me? I have not only talked and written, but I have also been in the trenches and taken constructive action over several decades.

Chili Dog: I, also, would like to know the names of those persons to whom Michael Miller was making reference. Apparently, Mr. Miller lacks the chutzpah (intestinal fortitude) to be totally open and honest in his writing. He should have put up or shut up.