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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

UFO? Flying Saucer? Alien Spacecraft?
The Truth Is Out There.

UFO? Flying Saucer? Alien Spacecraft?

FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder worked tirelessly in his investigations of The X Files. He was determined to uncover some the "cover ups" and to expose them for what they were.

As in many of the televised episodes of The X-Files, Mulder would say:
"The Truth Is Out There."

Below is a video containing a compilation of UFO sightings.

Anyone out there?
Open Minds, a research-based organization with a mission to investigate and report evidence of extra-terrestrial, UFO, and other phenomena to a global audience, wants to know.

What do you think?
Is there something "out there" or what?


Judy said...

I know 1st hand that there is something out there! I went to Roswell, NM. and witnessed first hand the feeling of ET's around that area! YEP! They Live!!!

Roland Hansen said...

What a coincidence!!! I just read a newsstory that y'all gotta take a look at. Go on over to:
Possible meteor spotted in Valley skies