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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hold The Presses! Anita Lopez is No J.Lo! Anita Lopez Wants Control of The Press.

Hold the Presses!

This entry of Roland Hansen Commentary concerns Anita Lopez. It is not about Jennifer Lopez, aka J.Lo, I mean, after all, Anita Lopez is no J.Lo!

If you recall, I mentioned Anita Lopez back on May 23, 2013 when I scribed the Roland Hansen Commentary Ohio's City of Toledo Mayor: For Whom The Bell Tolls.

It seems as though in her quest to be Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, that Anita Lopez is running a close-fisted, closely guarded campaign. Here, click on over to take a look-see and listen to: Anita Lopez: Toledo, Ohio's scripted mayoral candidate

It also seems as though Anita Lopez wants to have control of The Press.

As it stands right now, Anita Lopez requires certain specific the information from members of the Press prior to granting any interview. Some, but not all, of the advance information required by Lopez is a list of the reporter’s questions; whether the reporter has interviewed anyone else and what did they say; whether Ms. Lopez will be allowed to use visuals, and the answer to  "How knowledgeable is the reporter.”
Click here for an example of the Media Information Form as it was required of a reporter for The Blade.

For an interesting video, I suggest you watch and listen to "Democratic mayoral candidates face-off over campaign practices."

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