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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ben Konop: Buying An Election?

I never understood why a politician would need to pay people to circulate his or her nomination of candidacy petitions. It seems to me that a person seeking elective office should have the initial support of interested voters who would volunteer their time to support the potential candidate. If not, that tells me the potential candidate does not have a loyal following; ergo, that person is not a leader and is not worthy of my support. Such seems to be the case of Ben Konop, former Congressman wannabe, present Lucas County Commissioner, and Toledo Mayor wannabe.

It is my opinion that paying people to circulate petitions in order to seek elective office is the same as trying to buy an election.

Read Judy's Jewels Konop, Konop.

You see, when the young fella knocked at our door seeking our signatures on a Ben Konop petition in order for Ben Konop to appear on the primary election ballot as a nominee for Mayor of Toledo, we posed a couple questions accompanied by our own opinionated comments. It was from that discourse that the young man told us that he was doing the door-to-door thing as a part-time job to get some extra money. Gee, maybe that is why Ben Konop wants to be Mayor of Toledo.

Maybe, Ben Konop just wants some extra money from the salary. Who knows? I don't.

I just think Ben Konop is on one big ego trip, just like his sorrowful Aunt Sandy Isenberg, former Toledo City Councilman, former Lucas County Recorder, former Lucas County Commissioner, and former Lucas County Democratic Party Chairman. They are both so full of themselves as demonstrated by their egotistical, egocentric actions and behaviors and what seems rather apparent to me in what I perceive as their very own self-impressions. It makes me want to vomit.


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


I couldn't agree more with you. . .

Tim Higgins said...


We all know that Young Ben would like to be able to take credit for creating jobs in Lucas County, maybe this is the only way he could do it.

On the other hand, maybe it just means that the only friends that Mr. Konop has are the ones he pays for.

I'm just sayin'

Judy said...

"Buying An Election," I guess he is trying to buy it. TV ads started running today. I just heard on the evening news Mr. Big Spender has purchased 180 of the TV ads! Time to wear out the remote, I can't stand to hear or see him anymore.