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Friday, October 24, 2008

Toledo City Council Should Stick to City Business

Yes, the header says it all. Toledo City Council should stick to city business, meaning the legitimate affairs of the city. Toledo City Council is elected to represent the citizens of the City of Toledo in the operations of city government.
School levies, social service levies, other organizations' levies, and the like such as are written about in this Blade article are not city business. Did you catch that period at the end of the previous sentence? Need I repeat myself? Okay, I will. School levies, social service levies, other organizations' levies, and the like are not city business.

With matters such as described in this other Blade article, the City of Toledo, and by that I mean both the Mayor and the Toledo City Council, should stick to the business at hand of addressing only legitimate municipal business operations.

Just as I believe those other governmental and semi-governmental agencies and organizations should not be sticking their noses into the operations of Toledo City government, so do I believe that the business of those other organizations need to be left to those other organizations and the City of Toledo should not be sticking its nose into their business.

The Toledo Mayor, Toledo City Councilmen, and Toledo City Administration need to spend their time doing those things that we the taxpayers pay them to do. Now then, to them I say: GET TO THE BUSINESS AT HAND!!!


Hooda Thunkit said...


As the funding of TPS is not within the purview of Toledo City Council, I have to agree with you.

They should have kept their noses out of it and spent their time more productively, on something that IS their business, like dealing with the city Fudge-It.

Tim Higgins said...


It is the fact the Mayor and the Council have often grossly interfered with things outside of their responsibilities, while ignoring those outlined by the Charter that the city is where it's at today.

Roland Hansen said...

Me thinks, we need to change the Toledo City Charter to allow immediate disqualification from elective office of any Toledo City councilman and/or mayor who uses her or his official office to encroach upon or inject the City of Toledo in an official way into any other governmental or semigovernmental entity when there is no direct correlation with the elected officials specific elected postion.

Tim Higgins said...


The trick is how to separate the harmless nonsense from the ignorance and abuse of power.

I don't care if they want to make next week "National Pumpkin Week", but would prefer that they take care of the city's legitimate business before telling me how to vote.