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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Extinction of The Traditional American Family

During the colonial and western expansion eras of the United States of America, the role played by family life was indeed crucial. In those days, a man was expected to marry a woman; and, a woman was expected to be wed to a man; and, together they were both expected to have lots of children. A large family with each member of the family unit "pulling" their own share of work for the common good of the family was not only important but it was crucial back then for the survival of the family.

The twentieth century saw an evolution in the traditional American family life. The traditional American family became a unit in which a man married a woman, they had several but not too many children, the man was the financial provider, and the woman stayed at home to be the principal caregiver for the children and to provide emotional and moral support for her husband.

Enter the twenty-first century and we see the impending extinction of the Traditional American Family. It seems as though most married couples are both working now-a-days in what has become known as two-income or dual-earner families and many are delaying having children or deciding not to have children at all. It also seems that more and more couples are cohabiting without benefit of marriage and they may or may not have children together. Furthermore, it seems that more and more women are consciously making a decision to have children without the benefit of marriage and without having the father (or fathers) of their children reside with them.

I wonder if anyone else feels as I do - that the traditional American family is becoming extinct.

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Judy said...

Some people may think it takes a village to raise a child, I say,it’s all in your hands parents, not the village’s hand.